A Father Seeks a Ban on Unvaccinated Children at His Son’s School

January 28th, 2015

A concerned parent in Marin County, California has asked school officials to require vaccination as a condition of attendance. The only exception he wants them to allow is when a child cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. This is the situation with Carl Krawitt’s own son, Rhett. With his immune system weakened from the chemotherapy that Rhett has had to undergo to fight off leukemia, he is not medically able to be vaccinated yet. As Brian Torchin understands it, the only protection he has from catching a disease like the measles is to depend on all the kids around him being immune. Torchin can be found on Angel.co. However, the school he attends in this county has one of the highest rates in the State of California for parents claiming personal exemptions to allow their children not to be vaccinated.

Nothing fires parents up to take action more than when the life of their own child is at stake. Such a situation thrusts the anti-vaccination movement from a theoretical debate about competing rights to a life or death decision with real life consequences. Some parents whose children cannot be vaccinated because they may have immune systems that are too weak or for some other medical reason are seeing their own children’s lives put at risk so that other parents can exercise a personal choice having to do with religious, political, or the misguided medical belief that vaccination is bad for their children. Such parents need to realize that they are endangering other children’s lives.

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