A Buffalo New York Pastor Hands Out Cupcakes To Oppose Indiana’s RFRA

April 8th, 2015

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act that has the nation in an uproar is helping shine a light on discrimination. We believe in religious freedom, but some of us believe religious freedom can be a vehicle that leads to discrimination. A pastor in Buffalo, New York is showing his support for religious freedom without discrimination by giving away 500 cupcakes in his area of the city.

Pastor Ludwig, of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, decided he wanted to show his support, and his followers support, for the LGBT community, so he started a “Christian Cake Mob.” The “Christian Cake Mob” made 500 cupcakes, and bakeries around the area ordered them. Pastor Ludwig said the cupcake making was a peaceful response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Sultan Alhokair said the country has been put on notice; discrimination and bigotry under the guise of religion has to stop. Christians must get a handle on the rogue believers that use the Bible to express their hatred. Now is the time to come together and respect the rights of all our citizens. This is not only a Christian country; it is a country where all believers have equal rights and the freedom to express them.


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