New Wound Closure Method on the Rise

December 9th, 2014

After literally thousands of years, the Israelis have invented a new wound-closure method that many should take notice of. For centuries, the traditional wound-suture method was typically the only way for individuals to treat the cut restoration method. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work for those with deeper, more life-threatening, cuts. The newer Israeli method involves a new revolutionary method that includes the process of “fastening cables and attaching clasps”. This method can help the patient heal much faster.

How does this method work? Mark Ahn breaks it down by asking us to consider the following process: first of all, the skin is drawn together until they eventually close by the process of applying two clasps opposing each other on a given skin wound. Secondly, the wound is often fixed by a cable through the clasps, helping to draw the wound together until it is closed. This procedure, officially called TopClosure, can be used for a variety of uses, including the following: 1. Before surgery. This procedure can be used prior to surgery in order to prepare the incisions in the skin. 2. During surgery it can be used in order to assist in relieving tension on our delicate skin.

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  1. Paulina Wright says:

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