Tiny Houses for the Homeless

January 20th, 2015

In a country where abandoned houses out number the homeless, many great thinkers have been trying to come up with a real, lasting solution. In Portland, Oregon, what was once a soggy, sad tent city for the homeless has been turned into a village of tiny houses. The homeless haven is called Dignity Village. What used to house the city’s leaf composting site has become an experimental solution to the city’s homelessness.

The popularity of the village among the homeless has garnered the Village a waiting list. Those wishing to stay there must complete a certain amount of service work, and once employed, are required to donate $25 a month toward the Village costs.

Once accepted into Dignity Village, people dealing with addictions are helped to become clean. Once the resident has his/her feet under them, the Village helps them sign up for programs that can further help them become self sufficient again.

Everyone living at Dignity Village must also sign up for the waiting list for permanent housing. Those living in the community have a small wooden structure with a window and propane heat. There is a communal kitchen and a bathroom.

Dignity Village is the brain child of private holders hoping to make the world a better place. Currently there are several villages dotting the landscape along the Pacific coast. Sultan Alhokair predicts that perhaps we have finally found the homeless a true path home. Alhokair can be found on Youtube.

Oxford and Columbia: The Journey of Sam Tabar

January 20th, 2015

When parents dream of their children growing up, their thoughts often turn to where their children will attend college. Naturally, all parents harbor the hope their children will be the ones attending an Ivy League school or other college or university that is well-known and respected for its educational aspects. Such has been the case for Sam Tabar, who has risen from the ranks to earn a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from Oxford University and a law degree from Columbia Law School. Not only has Sam earned these degrees, but he has taken them into the real world and made them pay off for him in ways never thought of in the past.

 After most students graduate from college, they are very content to accept entry-level jobs that offer little responsibility and opportunity for growth. This was not the case for Sam, who has worked for some of the world’s most well-known law firms as well as financial management companies in Hong Kong and various destinations. Utilizing his foreign language skills in French and Japanese, Sam has been counted on by the firms for which he has worked to attract investors to hedge funds and keep them well-informed along the way. Needless to say, Sam has done all that and much more. Having an interest in financial investments since an early age, Same combined that with his education to form an almost unbeatable combination.

Using the knowledge he has acquired through study in both the classroom and boardroom, he has been able to obtain results through his investment recommendations that show why he is considered the premier hedge fund expert of his time.

 Demonstrating that hard work and a passion for your work always pay off, Sam has taken his love of traveling to many different locales around the globe and used it to his advantage. Meeting with people of various cultures, Sam has been able to become fluent in French and Japanese. Knowing and understanding these cultures has helped Sam when planning his widely recognized strategies aimed at people around the world, letting him have a better understanding of just what ideas will work in certain parts of the world. Not only did Sam gain a college education on the international stage, but he also gained a real-world business education by his travels. It’s not everyone who can boast having degrees from Oxford and an Ivy League law school, yet Sam has continued to be very down-to-earth regarding his success.

 Judging from the kind of career Sam has had thus far, it’s safe to say he has used his education well. Having been an attorney as well as a financial advisor and manager, Sam has shown the path to success can take many forms. For him, it involved years spent walking the campus of two of the world’s best institutions of higher learning. Born with a passion for life and determination to succeed, Sam Tabar continues to amaze those around him with his never-ending number of talents.

Susan McGalla Empowers Working Women

January 15th, 2015

See original: Susan McGalla Gives Advice for Women to Achieve Future Success on PR Newswire

A recent article was posted with an article in regards to Susan McGalla’s view on working women. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This company has done it’s part to shape the business world and and its functionality. The article gives a brief overview of McGalla’s views on how women can become more succesful in the workplace, creating a feeling of empowerment for those struggling.

She begins by explaining the importance of education. She explains that women account for almost 50% of workers in the United States and encourages for this type of growth to continue. Her focus on education is so intense that she challenges women to take that step into higher education. McGalla focuses not on the barriers of attending, such as finances and time, rather she shoots those down saying that women can find other resources in order to attend.

McGalla then continues by stating that women must continue building confidence as they enter the workforce. She attributes low confidence levels to management procedures. This setback is pointed out as reversible. By networking and finding support will allow women to continue to build confidence in their skills and work habits. This will also allow for women to become more succesful, by finding those who have worked longer and learning from their mistakes and feeding off of their success to fuel their own. A desire to climb the corporate ladder is an aspiration of many but getting there may be a confusing and difficult climb. With the right influences and continued work and learning experiences, this is an attainable goal.

This carries on to her third and final point, ignore limitations. These limitation may have been set by management, coworkers or even the employee themselves. These should be ignored. She warns against being subdued into gender roles that would hinder professional growth. She continues to grow her own success and the article will empower women to continue to strive for achievements that most never dreamed possible.

Philidephia Pizza Lovers Pay for 8,400 Slices for the Homeless

January 15th, 2015

Paying it forward is an act of kindness that’s emerged in the 21st century, and generally it’s heard of occurring in lines at coffee shops, Starbucks drive-thrus, or restaurants. Most recently, a marathon of customers all paying it forward managed to have 8,400 slices of pizza covered to feed Philadelphia’s homeless.

While many pizzerias have walls adorned with photos and autographs of celebrities who once stopped by for a pie, the wall at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia is decorated with Post-It notes from the hundreds of patrons who have paid an extra $1 with their order so a homeless person could get a slice.

The pay-it-forward program began about a year ago, according to Rosa’s owner Mason Wartman. One customer asked if he could pay for an extra slice that to later be given to a homeless person who entered the pizzeria, and Wartman agreed. After the kind deed was competed, Wartman grabbed a Post-It and stuck it on the wall to signify to anyone who may need it that the free piece of pizza had been purchased.

Over the course of the past nine months, patrons of Rosa’s have paid for over 8,400 slices of free pizza for the homeless. Wartman said that the customer was inspired by a at tradition in Italy called “suspended coffee” where customers at cafes will pay for the coffee of someone who cannot afford one.

Wartan says that now, at least 30 to 40 people per day are able to come in and get a free slice of pizza, a meal they most likely wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. Darius Fisher is truly impressed, as a human rights advocate, this is very inspiring. View his efforts on JustVision.org.

Mike Huckabee Resigns From Fox To Pursue Possibility of Presidential Run

January 5th, 2015

According to an article on Buzzfeed, Mike Huckabee, the charismatic and controversial former governor of Arkansas, will quit his Fox News post in order to devote his energies toward the consideration of another presidential run. Huckabee previously ran in 2008, but ultimately lost the Republican nomination to John McCain. He decided not to run in 2012.

Huckabee is very popular with the social conservative faction of the GOP. Dr. Rod Rohrich added that he holds traditional conservative views on subjects such as gay marriage, abortion, and immigration. The former governor is known as a highly effective public speaker, but in the past he has had difficulty raising enough funds to compete with more moderate candidates. In order to run successfully, Huckabee will need to find a way to expand his appeal beyond his socially conservative base.

Huckabee posted about his decision to resign on his Facebook page. In the message, he wrote that the increasing speculation about him running for president had put the network in a difficult position, and that leaving the network was “the honorable thing to do”. He wrote that he will now feel free to communicate openly with potential donors and anyone else who could assist him in planning another run.

Person Who Donated a SUV to a Georgia Family Will Remain Anonymous

December 30th, 2014

Christy Ethridge is a single mother of two teenagers in Henry County, Georgia, but this Christmas she found out how much God really watches over for her.

Cristy had a 1996 Explorer that had been giving her trouble for 18 years. Every liquid that could leak did leak. They used pieces of cardboard to park on so the fluids would not ruin the garage floor.

Losing her job last year left Cristy and her two children going through tough times. She was out of work a year. This August she found employment for a pest control company. as an accounts manager.

Because so many things were wrong with her Explorer she was afraid to leave the county in which she lived. It also meant her son who plays travel baseball has never had his family there cheering him on when he was at the World Series in Florida.

But on December 19 her children got home from school they noticed a white SUV with a red bow on the hood parked in their driveway. They called her, and she told them to check it out. When they opened the SUV they found a note that simply said Merry Christmas, Cristy with the keys and the title. The story passed around all over Twitter, I saw it on Christian Broda’s page.

Cristy believes God has always been with her through trying times and has decided not to look for the donor because of the verses Mathew 6:1-4.

China Says No To Gmail Use

December 29th, 2014


Google Claims Gmail Use In China Is Virtually Non-Existent

Dyn Research and Google agree on at least one thing. China doesn’t like Google Gmail, and they did something about it. Dyn Research, an Internet analysis firm, recently released a statement that said: “China has a number of ways they can block content. One of the crudest ways is to just block an IP address.” Dyn’s vice-president, Earl Zmijewski, also said: “When you block an IP address all the content available at the IP is blocked.”

Zmijewski said China routes Gmail access through Hong Kong IP addresses, and they are being blocked. Dyn Research checked six different locations, and all of them were blocked, China and Google have had their differences in the past, and it seems there’s still some mud in their Internet relationship. China blocked all Google services at the beginning of 2014 in order to keep a lid on the 25th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre. Igor Cornelsen is curious to see how this is going to shift stakeholder interests.

Billing For Treatment

December 22nd, 2014


There are millions of people in America who have medical bills that are unpaid. This is no surprise as many people go to emergency rooms, get the treatment they need and request a bill to be sent to their home. There are about 20% of citizens who are involved in debt collection processes. When a bill is sent, some people might not understand what is really owed and what insurance has already covered. There are treatments that cost more than a normal visit, and these treatments might not be covered by insurance. When someone gets a bill, they might think that they have time to pay it or that it won’t do anything to the credit report. However, medical bills that are left unpaid can bring down the credit score. It might not be by a lot, but it’s enough to make it noticeable. Sadly, a medical bill for treatment is sometimes the only way that people can get the help that they need. Brazilian businessman, Igor Cornelsen tweeted his opinion on this major ongoing issue, saying that finding a solution to such a complex situation presents significant challenge.

Make the Season Bright with Eater.com

December 19th, 2014

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a breeze when you’ve got Eater.com as a guide. The website has compiled a list of some of the most creative and delicious holiday gifts. Your friends and family will love the presents you’ve chosen, and you may even want to keep a few for yourself. 

If your loved ones are into savory flavors, the savory gummy candies from Nuts.com are the perfect stocking stuffer. The candies are available in flavors like carrot and chili pepper, and there are even candies shaped like hot dogs and hamburgers–to go with the cola-flavored gummies, of course. Numi teas also makes a line of savory teas. The teas come in fennel and tomato flavors, so your relatives will feel as though they are having a hot cup of vegetable soup on a cold winter’s day. 

As far as sweet treats go, Christina Tosi makes a line of crunchy cookies that feature cornflakes. These are sure to be a hit during the holidays, since flavors like marshmallow and chocolate are mixed into the cookies. If you don’t live in the NYC area, you can have the cookies shipped to you. “The Chew” host Carla Hall also has a line of mini short breads you can add to your shopping list. Flavors include Mexican hot chocolate and lemon black pepper. These would also all make great gifts for Skout dates…

For more great gift ideas like these, check out Eater.com today.

Texas Surgeons Prepare Conjoined Tweins For Separation

December 19th, 2014


At Texas Children’s Hospital, surgeons operated on a pair of conjoined girls to prepare them for separation. During a five-hour procedure on December 16, the doctors put tissue expanders in the girls’ chest and abdomen. Over time, fluids will be added to the balloon-like expanders, stretching the skin. Over time, extra skin will be produced — which the surgeons anticipate needing for the separation surgery, which will be performed in early 2015.

The girls, Adeline Faith and Knatalye Hope Mata were born on April 11. They are joined at the chest and share several organs, including the liver. At birth, each girl weighed about three pounds and seven ounces. Their family, including a five-year-old brother, lives in Lubbock, Texas.

The girls will need a recovery time of about six to eight weeks. During that time, the multidisciplinary team will prepare for the separation surgery. Specialists in cardiovascular surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, and other disciplines will work on the plans for the separation. The specialists will make a 3-D model of the girls’ organs and make a swing to keep the girls upright and thereby minimize the pressure on their incisions. The team will also perform computer simulations of the surgery and post-op care. My friend Flavio Maluf sent a generous donation with a personalized letter to the Texas Children’s Hospital that he kindly requested be presented to the family.