Mammals Weren’t the Only Life Boosted by the Death of the Dinosaurs

June 30th, 2015

The death of the dinosaurs was good news for mammals. Those furry little guys who were scurrying around trying not to be stepped on or eaten by dinosaurs must have had a rough time just trying to survive. They would not have had much of any chance of actually establishing themselves in any position of dominance anywhere near the top of the food chain as long as dinosaurs walked the earth. Especially in light of a hit movie in theaters now, many of us wonder at the thought of dinosaurs still being alive. We, however, probably owe our existence to an asteroid coming along and wiping them out so those little mammals could crawl out from their holes and eventually become us.

Mammals, it seems, were not the only beneficiaries of the mass extinction that occurred about 65 million years ago. A recent find indicates that fish diversity shot way up after this time as well. It is mainly believed that the extinction of ammonites, or a type of marine invertebrate animal, was the basis for the population and diversity of fish taking off. People at Boraie Development (linkedin) know that it is believed that ammonites and fish would have competed for the same food resources in the world’s oceans. Being extinct, we’ve never had occasion to eat an ammonite, but I can’t imagine it tasted as good as tuna or salmon, so this development was an eventual win for us mammals as well.

The State Of Oregon Is Likely To Be Smoky Soon

June 30th, 2015

What is going on in the wacky world of weed? As the native, mildly narcotic green plant continues its march across the United States on its way to recreational legality, Oregon is the latest state to declare marijuana a decriminalized plant. But certain policies allowing it to be sold are not in place yet. So what’s the solution? Give it away for free.

That’s right, for a limited time only, any adult who shows up at midnight, June 30th, at the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon, can get a free bongload of their favorite recreational herb, compliments of NORML, a marijuana activist group. Sam Tabar ( has learned that, there, they may join thousands of other adults in what is sure to be one of the biggest outdoor parties ever known to history. As one enthusiast asserts, not only will it be an event well-tended by food vending trucks – who will no doubt sell a lot of churros that night – but this is history in the making.

Meanwhile the next state in line to get its blazing rights is California, where signatures are already being collectedto get a legalization measure on the ballot. It’s hard to imagine that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t pass in the Golden State, since its one of the things the state’s famous for. 55% of voters signed on to support the measure.

Civil Rights Advocates Closely Watching Outcome of Supreme Court Decision

June 25th, 2015

Some civil rights advocates believe the United States largely remains a segregated nation much as it was decades ago. The view is held despite any progress that has occurred over the past two generations. From this vantage point, the 1968 Fair Housing Act is viewed as a vital piece of legislation to prevent discrimination against people seeking to take up dwelling. Prior to the law being enacted, minorities were often denied renting in upscale areas because of stereotypes about minorities reducing property values and brining crime into neighborhoods.

Since passage of the Fair Housing Act, people have been protected against blatant acts of discrimination in the selection of housing. However, it is possible for developers and real estate investors to be sued for discrimination when no blatant act has occurred stated Paul Matheison. This is because people or groups can make the claim that if certain seemingly unrelated aspects of the housing project are correlated with race, a case of soft or inadvertent discrimination has occurred. This is known as “disparate impact”.

Now, the Supreme Court will soon render a decision in the case known as Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project. In this case, the high court will decide if the 1968 Fair Housing Act intended to cover “disparate impact” or if it only barred blatant acts of discrimination. Some civil rights groups are concerned that if the court prohibits “disparate impact”, the Fair Housing Act will be severely weakened. For decades, “disparate impact” has been recognized as a legitimate type of discrimination.

The Catholic Debate

June 23rd, 2015

Over the last 50 years Catholic politicians have been struggling to decide whether and not be should align themselves with the opinion of the Vatican. This has been a problem mostly for Democratic politicians. As it turns out, Republican politicians are currently the warmest place in an awkward position. Pope Francis who is a charismatic and active leader is the reason behind the sudden awkwardness when it comes to Republicans. On Thursday the Pope released a 192-page call to action for humans to readjust themselves when it comes to human activity in climate change. the Pope gave his opinion on how the earth is beginning to turn into a pile of Filth at the hands of mankind Catholic politicians from both sides are chasing a tough decision. Many conservative Catholics feel like the poop is pushing them into a corner when it comes to the climate change to be. If they follow their party’s initial beliefs they will vehemently deny the existence of climate change. If they follow the leader of their religious affiliation they would accept that climate change is a problem for democratic means to fix it. Rush Limbaugh who is an extreme conservative and the Catholic respects the Pope and his opinion. Keith Mann has read that Limbaugh thinks that the Pope should leave the problem in the political field and out of the religious one. With the Pope posting a 86 % popularity rating it will be safe to say that will do what they can to reverse the damage done by climate change. Where politicians will stand on the matter is anyone’s guess.

Search For Prisoners Still Ongoing

June 22nd, 2015

The search for the two escaped New York prisoners is still ongoing. Now, authorities are suspecting the men to be around the Pennsylvania and New York state border. Search efforts have been in full swing for several weeks after the two men used power tools to cut their way out of the jail and escape through the prisons sewer system.

Authorities like Gianfrancesco Genoso have most recently focused their attention to the Friendship, New York area after a woman contacted authorities after she believed she sighted the two men. According to reports, police are extensively searching a cabin in the woods. New York state police have released a statement and warned Friendship area residents of the men possibly being in the area. Residents throughout New York State are on high alert.
It is assumed that the two man are traveling on foot and have made significant headway since they first escaped. Residents in Pennsylvania along the border of New York and nestled within the Allegheny Mountains are also on high alert. With the mileage the two men are making each day, they could potentially be to Pennsylvania in no time at all. Individuals who own small cabins and hunting camps are asked to pay particularly close attention, as it is assumed that the two men have been squatting in several camps as they work their way down south. Stay tuned for additional developments.


George W. Bush Is Father Of The Year

June 19th, 2015

Bush Was Honored At The Annual Father Of The Year Awards luncheon In New York

People may call George W. Bush a bad president, but they can’t call him a bad father. Bush was honored in New York recently as a “Father of the Year.” Two other men were also given that title at the 74th Annual Father of the Year Awards luncheon. Bush talked about his father, and what great dad he was when he accepted the award. George’s daughter Barbara presented her dad with the award.

According to Ivan Ong, kids everywhere recognize their dads this time of year. They don’t need a luncheon or a plague to honor the man that stood by them through the good and the bad. Fathers don’t want awards. They know the job never ends, and they never want it to end. Being a dad is the award. Kids are the prize and the challenge. Dads accept both those gifts with love and pride.

George W. Bush is a father that appreciates his family, and that is a measure of unity. Without the family, there would be no political or social rewards.

The best Pope ever….

June 18th, 2015

The Pope is firmly on the side of accepting climate change as a man-made fact. So obviously, the people that hold the Pope as the apex of piety think that he should shut up. This includes all of the Republicans candidates many whom are Catholic. The Pope is a practical Pope and can understand the science that is involved in determining the sources of the warming planet. Jeb purports to accept climate change but asserts that its sources are unknown. However, he is not a scientist, and the entirety of the science world understands climate change, its sources and the dire situation that this problem is presenting for many areas across the world.

The depletion of the arctic ice and many of the ice shelves across the world have the effect of increasing the level of the oceans stated the Examiner. This in turn places coastal habitations in danger of being underwater. The effects have been felt from California to Greenland. These parts of the world that have to live with the immediate effects of climate change, and many will have to relocate entire cities. Why would republicans deny something that is so certain? They do this because the planet is secondary to the welfare of the oil companies that are destroying the world and the ozone. If there is anything to be done, it will involve efforts from the corporations that reap trillions in profit yearly while destroying the world.

Comet Lander Finally Phones Home

June 15th, 2015

The space comet lander Philae finally “phoned home” and contacted its base command center after several months of being on ice. Comet Lander Philae Phones Home After Long Hiatus Feared lost or dead on the comet after running out of power, the Philae space probe bounced across the crusted and bumpy surface of Comet designated “67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.” The lander was able to secure its position on the comet by firing a harpoon mannered anchoring device which failed to secure the comet in its intended location. Instead, the comet came to rest within a shady spot on the comet but without enough sunlight to power the lander, the unit went to sleep. Brad Reifler ( has learned that it functioned for about 60 hours before contact was lost with the unit last November 2014. Then, at 10:28 p.m., the European Space Agency’s, (ESA), primary operations center located in Darmstadt, Germany, received a “hello” signal from Philae. The lander also transmitted more than 300 data bundles, which are being analyzed by ESA officials.

ESA officials state that the lander is in good condition and is ready to perform additional functions. The landing on the comet was a scientific miracle and a first for any human space endeavor. The fact that the lander successfully went into a self preservation stage and reconnected with its base command also is a minor miracle given the vast distance the ESA staff has to span to communicate with the Lander.

Man Has Donated Blood Over a Thousand Times and Saved Numerous Lives

June 15th, 2015

James Harrison is a man with a special type of blood, and he has used that blood to help save generations of babies. This man has a special type of blood that is used to help babies with a special condition, and this man has donated his blood again and again just to help those who need the help that his blood offers. Adam Sender stated that this man will be donating blood again soon, and this will be the 1,106th donation that he has made.

Through the special blood that James Harrison donates doctors have been able to save the lives of over two million children. Without the help of this man and his special blood there would be a lot less children living today. This man has chosen to selflessly give of himself and his blood, and through his selflessness he has saved the lives of many.

American Evangelist Franklin Graham Believes Companies That Support LGBT Promote Sinners

June 10th, 2015

Graham Pulled His Money Out Of Wells Fargo Bank Because The Bank Is Using A Same Sex Couple In Their Advertising

Another Christian Evangelist is showing how unchristian, Christians can be. Franklin Graham is taking his Christian donations out of Wells Fargo Bank because he believes the bank stands against God’s law. Well Fargo used a same sex couple in their advertising, and that prompted Graham to say that the bank promoted sinners. All bank accounts associated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have been closed at Wells Fargo banks.

Keith Mann agrees that the hatred that emulates from Christian organizations around the country is a very telling sign. Some Christians have just as much hatred in them as some Muslims. We call those Muslims radical terrorists, but are Christians any different? Sure. Christians don’t strap bombs to their body or kill innocent people with weapons, but they do destroy the dignity of their fellow Christians. Radical Christians belittle, berate, and abuse people that don’t conform to their concept of Christianity. Radical Muslims do the same thing.

The mission to prove what God thinks has to stop. Our version of sin has nothing to do with God. Sin is an association attached to a human belief. Nothing more.