Lime Crime Helps Me To Be Unique

October 10th, 2015

I’ve always relied on makeup in the same way that I relied on close friends. Makeup is what got me through some really tough times in my life. I always knew that no matter what was going on, I had control over one thing. I had control over what I would look like each and every day. I had control over what statement I would make to the world about who I was and what my attitude was going to be. This was always a comforting thought. It took me quite a few years before I nailed down my look but I eventually got to that point. I did it all with the help of Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime makeup is a unique company. It stands apart from all of the others for a variety of reasons. For one, Lime Crime has a plethora of bright colors for lips and eyes. This is rare to find with other companies who make products in dull hues. All of the Lime Crime makeup is true to color. What a person sees in a tube of lipstick is the color they get when they put it on their lips! Lime Crime literally sells every shade I can think of. There are pinks, purples, blues, blacks, and so much more! Lime Crime understands that everyone has different tastes and therefore they are catering to that by making a color for literally everyone.

Lime Crime also has a girl or guy covered when it comes to liquid eyeliner. Applying liquid eyeliner can be a tricky skill to master but this product is actually quite simple to use. The applicator tip allows it to go on smoothly with no clumps. The liquid eyeliner is built to last too. I’ve worn this product a whole day without it smearing or disappearing.

Lime Crime also has a line of nail polishes. The colors are just as bright and fun as the lip colors are. All of her products tie together to create a unique and magical look. The creator of the company Doe Deere is always about being vibrant and her makeup line truly reflects that. Deere will typically rock the bright and matching lips, hair, nails, etc. Now people who adore that style can recreate it at home with Lime Crime! Lime Crime also offers a look book on their website so those who are having trouble nailing down their look can look for inspiration.

Lime Crime is more than just makeup. It’s almost a community feel of those who were born to standout and want to do so through their love of makeup. Lime Crime is of course a high-quality product but the reason it’s so great goes deeper than that. Lime Crime helps everyone to express themselves and turn their makeup into an art form.

White Shark Media: SEO Masters

October 8th, 2015
Many businesses sit behind their desks and devices, managing and executing strategic plans. These plans are set into motion and delivered for their employees and customers. Some of these businesses manage other small businesses among them, leading them to success aid restructuring their team and marketing plans. One of these types of businesses is the well-known, White Shark Media.

White Shark Media is a leading agency specializing in Digital Marketing. They work solely online to provide online marketing resolutions created special for less than large businesses. They have been identified as one of the most sought after and fast growing digital businesses in North America. This growth has stemmed from their immaculate reputation for structuring affordable and cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns and providing superior customer service through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It is without a doubt that the use of keywords is the most important element in this type of strategy plan. It is the foundation of your entire search engine campaign. They’re used to categorize your type of business as well as target your desired demographic. It sets into perspective what type of website you will have.

Search Engine Optimization have used key-wording to obtain higher rankings in the SERPs, aiding to evolve search engines into providing the best possible results per user. It is often that users are still running into black hat tactics, or old school techniques via title and meta descriptions. These types of techniques can be classified into “keyword stuffing”, which is a method used to trick search engines into providing certain chosen agency results rather than the right one. That mistake can be avoided. It is perfectly fine to use your chosen keywords to make sure your page is correctly targeted, but its also important to continue focusing on the audience you want attracted to the site.
Some great tips for maintaining great SEO results would be to first mention your keyword in the title of the page. This will immediately tell users what your site is about. Next, place some of those keywords into your website headline or tagline, this aids your users into finding a matching result between their search and your page. After that consider your meta description. It may not boost rankings within searches but it is great way to continue targeting users and a professional description will increase your click-through rate. Make sure to implement the use of your keywords through your page images and make sure not to go too far by repeating keywords.

In the end, millions and trillions of users are processing their searches via search engine. It is necessary to work hard and try to eliminate shortcuts to rank higher. It is suggested to put most of your work and focus on what your audience wants and needs, how they are searching for these results and how you can aid in providing them what they are searching for.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Anastasia Date Revolutionizes Online Dating

October 7th, 2015


There are many things that have been said about online dating, but one thing is certain: Some people really have found their true loves by online dating. It all begins as a curiosity or a despair, but then, you find yourself talking to someone and clicking with them. They may not be perfect, but that’s okay. You see their human flaws and accept them. They see your human flaws and accept you. What else is love about, right? When you can accept somebody for who they are and love them, even if sometimes they make you furious, sad, or frustrated – that dedication to stick by their side, and want to stay at their side forever? And to have someone feel the same for you? Well, if that isn’t true love right there, then it’s at least something fantastic.

Successful Online Dating Sites

There have been many successful online dating sites. Some of the most popular include, OKCupid, Tinder, Meetup, and Plenty of Fish. These sites are successful for various reasons, some of which may be surprising. For one thing, many sites these days focus on one very small factor that a few people will share, such as living in Boston. From there you get to choose a possible partner who will be more likely to work with you; because who would want to find the greatest guy online and then discover he lives half the world away from you? Not fun.

Another factor which online dating sites have is offering to pair people up for just one meal. For example, It’s Just Lunch pairs up people for lunch or a drink after work. Other sites, such as LifeMates, use a very personal interview process as you make your profile and even while making a date setup, so that you can be matched with the person most compatible to you. These sites help their users use the website, and don’t just leave them floundering in deep waters, wading through pages and pages of profiles.

Anastasia Date – Secret to Success

One of the most successful new dating websites is Anastasia Date, an international dating website that offers mobile access. Because it is safer and more accessible to so many people worldwide, studies have shown that Anastasia Date has seen almost a fifty percent increase in users since 2011. This dating site is revolutionary and is not like any of the other dating sites, because the mobile access factor makes it far more appealing to women who worry for their own safety, and it opens up a wonderful cross-cultural conversation space.

Anastasia Date Origins

Anastasia Date was founded in 1993 by a Russian immigrant who married an American man. It started as a touring sort of thing, where the owners would take American men to Russia to meet Russian women, and then grew in success, to go online in 2003.

FreedomPop and the Freemium Revolution Come to the UK

October 6th, 2015

FreedomPop was established back in 2011 by entrepreneur and CEO Stephen Stokols. Since then we have seen FreedomPop rise through the cracks in order to become a legitimate voice in the mobile telecommunications world. In fact, business has gotten so good that for the past six months or so there was a hefty rumor going around that Stokols and FreedomPop were planning on accepting a rumored $450 million M&A agreement. Though the agreement was in fact real, as was the rumor, Stokols and the group opted not to sell and instead aim to grow their company even more. Now almost six months later we are looking at FreedomPop making their first big step into the global market with a 4G launch in the United Kingdom, as reported by the Telegraph.

CEO Stokols isn’t exactly a stranger to the U.K. market as it was here, under BT, that he fist found substantial employment in the telecom world. In 2011 Stokols saw his proposal for funding rejected by BT and so he decided to move to America and launch the company through other means. The decision would end up making Stokols rich and now Stokols has the ability to come back home with his idea firmly in the public eye.

The base plan that will be on offer is comparable to the most basic paid phone plan available in the U.K. markets. Subscribers to the FreedomPop network will be given 200 texts, 200 minutes of talk, and 200 MB of data for free usage every single month. There are other enhanced plans that can be purchased as well and they range anywhere from $5 to $15 and are not required at all. In any event, a huge expansion could serve well to explode FreedomPop’s popularity.

First things first, Stokols will be charged with working out a deal with BT in order to gain access to their more than 5 million WiFi hotspots in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop is able to give away their core service for free because most of their customers usage ends up shoved toward WiFi channels anyway. As an MVNO, FreedomPop has no plans to erect their own masts or put down any sort of infrastructure. They will simply make agreements to use that of the others already in the country. This is the primary way that FreedomPop is able to keep their prices down in order to cater to their freemium customer base.

Modern Day Human Rights Activism

October 3rd, 2015

In the last 20 years or so, human rights activism has become something of a hot topic. A human rights activist, sometimes referred to as a human rights defender, is someone that will stand alone or with a group of people to spread awareness or protect some scope of human rights. Human rights are guidelines that are universally set for the behavior of people towards one another. They’re considered something that all people should have, and they should never be taken away for any reason. Most human rights activists consider them to be equal for everyone in all parts of the world no matter their religion, language, ethnicity or nation. Human rights help to prevent and protect against torture, unlawful imprisonment and execution without due process.

In 1998, the United Nations adopted a standard for global human rights called the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. The decree was written to help protect and promote worldwide fundamental freedoms and human rights. The declaration was a milestone in the fight for the protection of people that are trying to carry out the message that everyone should have basic rights and freedoms. It was also historical because it was the first time the United Nations recognized the value of the people that are carrying on in the fight for human rights, and it also was the first time importance was placed on their protection. Despite the declaration and the increased awareness due to technological advances, there are still many places where human rights are a serious issue.

North Korea is one such place that seems not to care about human rights at all. There are many human rights activists on the issue of North Korea, but the best known is probably Yeonmi Park. Park came from a well to do family by North Korean standards. Her father was considered wealthy and well connected, and she and her family lived well and were well educated. All that changed during the gigantic economic collapse of the nation in the 1990s. Her father was forced to smuggle precious metals for food into China. When he was caught, he was sent to a labor camp, and Park and her family faced a serious crises. It wasn’t long before they were literally starving, and they finally decided to defect from North Korea to South Korea. Since it is impossible for anyone to cross the border between North and South Korea, Park and her family, like most defectors, fled towards China to begin their long, arduous journey to the south.

Park’s story is a very sad one. She and her mother had to rely on human traffickers to get them through China, and she witnessed her mother get raped and beaten on several occasions. Finally, she was able to make it into Mongolia and then on to South Korea. Yeonmi Park of has now become one of the most well known human rights activists in the world in the areas of human trafficking and North Korea, and her voice is one that North Korea would like to silence.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

October 2nd, 2015

An impersonator refers to someone who is good at imitating the actions of others. Impersonation can be in different forms like copying another person’s character, looks or talent. Michael Jackson is ranked the second most copied personality after Elvis Presley. One of the greatest MJ impersonators is Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes resembles MJ in every way, from the looks, to the manner of dressing, to how he sings and dances. Sergio can even hit the high note the same way Michael Jackson used to do in his songs. Sergio has the same agility and energy that MJ demonstrated in his songs. Sergio goes by the stage name Sergio Jackson. Sergio has performed almost all of MJ’s songs. He has done remakes of MJ’s music videos. Sergio is popular in South America, a fact that makes him determined to expand his popularity worldwide.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1971, Sergio Cortes is considered by many to be the best impersonator of the late King of Pop- Michael Jackson. In his childhood days, Sergio’s interest in MJ was sparked by his performance on the Jackson Five group where Michael was the youngest member of the group. Sergio never missed a TV presentation of the Jackson Five group. It was during the era of Michael Jackson’s single, Bad, that Sergio, then a teenager, begun imitating the young Jackson brother. The actions of young Sergio caught the eye of a news reporter who proposed to Sergio that he pose for a photo pretending to be Michael Jackson. The photograph went viral in a short span and Sergio started getting offers, from numerous entertainment firms, for employment as an MJ impersonator.

To date, Destiny Projects Entertainment Company directs and manages Sergio’s career. Sergio still performs at concerts singing and dancing in the same style of the late King of Pop. Sergio is making a name for himself in the entertainment industry due to his perfection of the looks, manner, singing and dancing style of the late King of Pop. Sergio has made appearances in various television shows such as the American Idol.

Currently, Sergio Cortes is working on a special project referred to as “Human Nature Live Show”. This project will be released in Italy and is said to feature 4 musicians, 2 vocals for back up and 5 dancers. In this show, Cortes is expected to perform some of the best hits by Michael Jackson such as Thriller, Black or White, Dangerous, Heal the World and Billy Jean.

How To Make The Best of SEO Marketing

October 2nd, 2015

When it comes to your business SEO strategy, which is a means of affecting the visibility of a web page or website in a search engine’s unpaid results, great SE0 planning can make the difference between your website coming up on the first page of a Google search, or being buried somewhere on the the third page. The difference in the traffic generated between the first and third page can be great.
You may ask why you should care about CEO. With the development of search engines, they have become more and more accurate when it comes to how we think, and what preferences we have as users. Optimizings your website will make it possible for you to target your customer base. Do it wrong and you will be virtually invisible to search engines.
To make the most of SEO, your website has to be designed properly to take full advantage of the practice. You have to make visiting your website a very good user experience. This in turn will make your visitors stay longer. And the longer they stay, the better chance you have of making a sale.
Also, SEO can increase your sales without you having to spend more on marketing. If all your keywords rank high they will have a long shelf life when it comes to search engine results.
White Shark Media is an example of a digital marketing agency designed for small and medium-sized businesses. They have reputation for delivering cost-effective search marketing campaigns for thousands of clients. They are known for tracking client’s marketing campaigns in deep detail. They use keyword call tracking, and Google Analytics.
When it comes to the world of SEO marketing, it is very important that you do keyword research in order to determine the keywords your potential customers are using to find your business or those similar to yours. There are methods you can use to indentify the best keywords.
* Make a list of the key words you think are the best for you to use.
* You can use sources like Google Adwords and Keyword Planner to get s read on how often a search term is used.
* You can use research tools like Spyfu and Semrush to determine what keywords you should add or subtract.
* Analyze the keywords you choose, and make sure they are providing the desired results.

Source: White Shark Blog

White Shark Bites Down On SEO Keyword Targeting

September 28th, 2015

The all important strategy for keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) must be the center of marketing initiatives. No business will have marketing success without a clear and effective SEO keyword targeting strategy. These words will put the business in its class so that visitors who are looking for their products or services will be drawn in as bees to honey. Visitors will find the website with SEO and keywords that will rank the website the highest on the search engine ranking positions, although the algorithms for these SERPs have evolved to more specific tactics.

Keyword stuffing is a common but ill-advised tactic used by some to direct search engines to rank certain websites higher in search engine rankings. The title page, meta description, and the content on the page is filled with the keywords and variations of it whether it has information that makes logical sense or is nonsense. The side effect of keyword stuffing is that senseless text is made and users are duped into choosing a search result that is not relevant to their cause.

Keywords in SEO are best mentioned in the title page. Also putting the keywords in the main headline is a key tactic. Remember to include the meta description development in the title page to boost ranking. Another important tactic is to repeat the keywords in the title page content two to three times. If there are images on the page and there should be, a mention of the keywords in the ALT text or in the filename of the image is needed. Keep the number to that count exactly and no more.

The leading Digital Marketing Agency for Internet Marketing tactics is considered White Shark Media. SMEs (small to medium sized businesses) all over the globe turn to White Shark Media for ideas on how to boost ranking on search engines. Some of the tools such as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence will give clients a great foundation for marketing formulas that will bring more visitors to their website who are ready to act appropriately. An increase in revenue streams or subscribers or both will be observed soon after implementation of the strategies.

White Shark Media gained fame and respect for their high level results, especially from Google, who invited them to their headquarters and assigned a team to the White Shark group, for support. Their collaboration with Google earned them the Google Adwords Premeir SMB Partnership in July 2014.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Frans Schoeman Explains Why Bigger Isn’t Better In The Professional World

September 25th, 2015

Frans Schoeman of ireport.cnn is the Director of Phatsima Diamond, a law firm based in Bellville, South Africa. He is also an attorney at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. In this place, he works with partner Helene Joubert. Together, the two have three and a half decades of experience and have always believed in the philosophy of “bigger is not better”. In fact, this philosophy can be applied to various other law firms all over the world as well. In the professional world, the size of the firm matters less than what the firm actually has to offer. Even in the corporate world, if Warren Buffett was to start a sole proprietorship offering investment advice, people would still flock to him because of his reputation, irrespective of the lack of partners in his firm.

Here, Frans Schoeman explains why the philosophy of “bigger is better” does not apply to the professional world, particularly attorneys and law firms –

Quality Is More Important – In a world obsessed with quantity, Frans Schoeman is a welcome exception who has genuinely proved that nothing can beat or even match quality. For instance, despite Joubert Schoeman Attorneys having only two senior partners, the firm has done pretty well. Their lawsuits and arbitrations have reached millions of rand and the biggest one was around R120 million. This has been achieved by focussing on the quality of their services. This is the advice Frans Schoeman offers to all other firms and professions out there – quantity can be achieved but quality can never be fabricated.

Growth Is Best When It Is Planned – Simply because Frans Schoeman believes that bigger isn’t better doesn’t mean that he is against growth. In fact, he is a strong supporter of growth and development in professional firms. However, he also stresses on the fact that when people stop running after the size of things, they are more able to focus on the things that are important – efficiency and productivity. In this way, when growth does finally arrive, as it will, it is planned and strategic. All the resources are utilized because the firm is ready for growth.

Specialization Yields Great Returns – Frans Schoeman has always been a fan of specialization and for good reason too. In his law firm, for instance, both the senior partners have their respective areas of specialization and because of this, the firm has benefited and so have the clients. Specialization has ensured that the best possible people who are appropriately qualified for a case or arbitration are working on it. Because of this amazing approach, Frans Schoeman himself has achieved much success in his professional life. The long term returns of specialization focussed practice are unmatched and Frans Schoeman wants young professionals to inculcate this approach in their life.

It is because of these principles that Frans Schoeman has done so well in his life. His long career spanning over 21 years has been full of both high profile cases and little endeavors that impacted the world. Thanks to his strong mindset, Frans Schoeman has experienced both professional and personal success.

Kenneth Griffin: Building an Empire By Embracing Employees

September 23rd, 2015

Kenneth Griffin is a successful hedge fund manager. That much, everyone in the financial world is well aware of: Ken Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel, LLC, a massive Chicago-based hedge fund that has become a major player on the world financial markets in the past 25 years. Many are also well aware of his rise from a novice investor plying the markets for profits as a Harvard undergraduate to his current status as one of the United States’s youngest self-made billionaires and a consistent presence on the Forbes 400 list. His effect on the money management scene cannot be overstated: he was consistently chosen by Congress to testify about market regulation and government (and industry) failure in this regard, and rewarded Congress’s decision to call him with balanced and insightful testimony that indicted parties in both sectors for ethical and legal lapses along with poor financial judgement.

This much about Griffin is all well known in broad sectors of society, but what is not so well known is the importance of employee happiness and contentedness in his leadership philosophy. Griffin gave an eloquent speech at the Milken Institute Global Conference entitled “The Intangibles of Building a Great Hedge Fund: People as an Asset Class” that redefined the way that many in the financial industry thought about the relationship between employees and their employer. Griffin elaborated on the importance of employees to the success of a particular business, and noted the lengths to which he and his executive team went to ensure that Citadel’s employees were properly compensated. These compensations were and still are not restricted to monetary sources; Citadel employees currently reap the benefits of perks such as free lunches, museum tours and personal fitness memberships. In fact, Citadel was recently voted among the Top 10 best workplace environments in the financial services industry. The ‘Great Places to Work’ Institute credited Griffin with fostering a collaborative work culture that invited opinion and dissent from the board room to the services floor to the company shareholders.

Griffin did not rise to his enviable position by neglecting his employees or abusing those underneath him; rather, he has shown that he truly values his employees as tangible assets and is committed to restoring sanity to an industry workplace that is awash in abusive employer-employee relationships. As Griffin and Citadel continue to experience greater and greater success in the financial services and hedge fund sector, we will see if the rest of the financial world takes note and begins to adhere more closely to Griffin’s leadership policies. Employees of financial companies outside of Citadel can only cross their fingers and hope!