The US Has More Museums than Starbucks and McDonald’s

March 27th, 2015

If you think there are more McDonald’s and Starbucks than just about any other entity in the United States, you may be surprised to find out the number of museums in the US has both companies beat. In fact, The Washington Postblog section is reporting there are more than 35,000 museums in the United States, a number McDonald’s with their 14,000 locations and Starbucks and their 11,000 cafes cannot even come close to.

Of course, while you may be thinking only of museums the size of New York’s American Museum of Natural History, Philadelphia’s Museum of Art or the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Brian Torchin has found that,  in reality, the majority of the 35,000 American museums are very small, and are often run by a family or a single individual, and with revenues of less than $10,000 a year.

Some are museums about one small thing — the SPAM museum in Austin, Minnesota, for instance, or the museum in Burlingame, California with its sole collection comprising Pez memorabilia. While others might be classified as ‘weird’ — Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas leaps to mind.

Interesting facts about America’s museums, however, include Los Angeles with the most museums out of any city in the United States, rural counties usually have more museums per capita than do those counties with large towns, and the southern states Georgia and Mississippi have the fewest museums of all.

Utah Reinstates Death by Firing Squad

March 25th, 2015

Utah is running out of the drug it uses for lethal injections for death row inmates. Rather than get rid of the death penalty, the state has decided to reinstate the firing squad. Governor Gary Herbet signed a new law this week that allows an old school firing squad to be used to kill inmates when the necessary drugs aren’t available. According to the new law, inmates would only be killed by firing squad when the state was unable to procure the needed drugs more than 30 days prior to the scheduled execution date.

Lethal injection still remains the state’s primary form of execution, and a firing squad will only be used in extreme circumstances stated Dr Jennifer Wilson in a recent article. Currently Utah is the only state to have used the firing squad method of execution since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. It has only used a firing squad 3 times since that time. The last time was in 2010, when five police officers show a man convinced of killing a bartender and then shooting a lawyer during an attempt to escape the courthouse in 1985.

Greece’s Continued Membership in The EU Is Problematic

March 23rd, 2015


The question, Bernardo Chua told that is still unanswered as to whether Greece will remain a member of the European Union in the near future. The final issue may not be whether Greece wants to remain in the Union after it repays the $260 billion economic bailout from the EU but rather will the remaining EU countries want Greece to remain a member. Greece Could Be A Short Lived EU Member

Germany, which was the largest contributor to the EU bailout package for Greece is very concerned that Greece will not have the economic legs to stand on its own even after the current hefty bailout. With the Euro sliding against the dollar in recent weeks, Germany as well as its other EU members are watching for any weak links in its membership which would pose a risk to the EU being able to sustain itself. The Union has been a great benefit for the european trade as the Eu member countries have been able to trade more profitably among each other and take a major stake in the monetary policies of the global economy. With the current increase of China as a global economy and Russia reemerging as a stable global giant through its partnership with the BRIC countries, Europe can not afford to be left out.

This is especially true with the U.S. economy seemingly coming out of its sluggish performance from the past few years bolstered by its ability to sell more oil onto the world market than it purchases.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved to Rehab Center

March 23rd, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown was recently moved from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to an undisclosed rehab facility.

Brown, the daughter of late pop star Whitney Houston and rapper Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive on January 31. She was discovered face down and unresponsive in a bath tub by her friend Max Lomas. Lomas called 911 while Brown’s partner, Nick Gordon, performed CPR.

Brown has since been in a medically induced coma. Physicians attempted to withdraw the medication and allow Brown to wake, but placed her back in the comatose state after she began to have seizures.

Zeca Oliveira knows that there has been much debate over how Brown came to be face down in the bathtub. It was originally speculated that perhaps she had attempted suicide, as the incident occurred near the anniversary of her mother’s death. Physicians later told Brown’s family that they believed she had a number of unexplained injuries.

Many members of Brown’s family pointed fingers at Gordon. Bobby Brown later intervened and has since prevented Gordon from visiting his hospitalized daughter.

Gordon, who indicated a suicidal state of mind on his Twitter account, has since entered rehab treatment.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition remains unchanged.

Skout Has The Solution For A Lonely Heart

March 21st, 2015

I thought that after I dumped my boyfriend, that everything would be just fine, but I suffered from heartbreak, just like everyone else. I cried for days, then I wept, then I cried some more, then I wept just a little bit more. After a week of constant crying, swollen eyes, and lots of tissue paper, I pulled myself up, and decided to go back to work. A friend of mine told me that I should go out, and try dating again, but I told her I was not ready. She suggested that I should at least try to make some friends, to help my broken heart.

I asked what she thought I should do, and she suggested that I join Skout. I had heard of Skout before, but it was not something I was interested in, because I already had a boyfriend. Since that is no longer the case, and my boyfriend is gone, I figured that I might give it a try. I know that a reconciliation is not possible, so I decided I would look for a friend, but I was open to the possibility of love. I signed up using the app, and I was still at work when I did it.

The app took less than a minute to download, and I quickly was able to put together my profile, and I added a picture. I found some people that interested me, and many of them were close by. Many took a liking to my picture, and they said they thought I was a fun-loving person. One guy in particular did catch my eye, and I decided that I wanted to know if he had added me as a favorite. I found out that my purchasing Skout points, I could take a peek at his favorites list, and see if he really liked me.

After using my Skout points to look at his favorites list, I was shocked to see that he had added me as a favorite. This guy really made a difference, and I went from being lonely, to having a true friend. I talked with him every single day, and if I didn’t have time to contact him, he contacted me. We began talking on Skout, but we also started to talking on the phone as well. We’ve had lunch, as well as dinner dates, and I really think that I’ve found a new boyfriend.

University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity Is Permanently Disbanded

March 19th, 2015

Frat Boys Cause $100,000 Worth Of Damage To A Northern Michigan Ski Resort

Being a fraternity brother may not be the first choice of students entering universities next fall. The latest fraternity to feel the effects of their ignorant deeds is the Sigma Alpha Mu chapter at the University of Michigan.

The fact that the boys were completely out of control and caused over $100,000 damage to a ski resort is bad enough. But when the boys decided to avoid accountability by not cooperating with the investigation that lack of respect prompted the university to withdraw their recognition of the Sigma Alpha Mu chapter on campus for the next four years.

Sigma Alpha Mu parent organization agreed with the university. Paul Mathieson (cnnireport) agrees that all the members of the fraternity have some serious soul searching to do. Some of the boys will face stiff disciplinary action by several different authorities and then there’s the question of restitution.

The incident started when members of Sigma Alpha Mu and the sorority, Sigma Delta Tau got together at the Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan. There were about 120 people in the group. When the party ended, there was damage to 45 rooms. Exit signs were broken, ceiling tiles were removed, furniture was destroyed and the carpets were filled with urine. Perhaps there wasn’t enough snow at the resort or there was a lot of alcohol to consume. Either way, there’s no excuse for that sort of behavior.

Humanities Tragic Relationship with Whales

March 16th, 2015

In gloomy news, it has recently been reported that we humans killed nearly 3 million whales throughout the 20th century. This number is more than anyone believed it to be before. Men have been hunting whales since before the 20th century, but the technology for killing them had been perfected by that century. As a result, we came close to wiping out various species of whale before increasing numbers of nations became concerned and started launching conservation efforts and making agreements to restrict their hunting. These efforts were very timely since whaling, as has been pointed out in this article, was not a sustainable industry due to the fact that all nations of the world combined were killing them at a faster rate than they could reproduce.

It was hard to blame people for whaling in the 19th century and earlier as the products derived from them were needed for our survival as many using AnastasiaDate have said. For some time now, however, we have had alternatives to anything we needed from whales, so there is no justification for continuing to kill these majestic mammals. The problem with bans or even agreed reductions on whaling is that individual nations do not have to join such limitations. Hopefully more nations will realize it is in their own long-term interest to preserve these magnificent animals for their own sake and their posterity and at least limit the amount they hunt on an annual basis.

Cold Caps Preserve Hair During Chemo Treatment

March 16th, 2015


One of the more obvious side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer is hair loss, but there’s a growing number patients who swear by ‘cold caps’ to preserve the hair.

Hypothermia, i.e., freezing the scalp has been used for decades and while a bit uncomfortable it’s been proven to work.

A side effect of chemotherapy drugs such as epirubicin, docetaxel and adriamycin, particularly in the treatment of breast cancer, is alopecia.

According to Susan McGalla, a method of preventing or reducing alopecia in chemotherapy patients, a cold cap can be used to induce local vasoconstriction around the hair follicles. The decreased blood flow around hair follicles prevents the impact of toxins that induce chemotherapy alopecia, thus preserving the follicles, and ultimately, the patient’s hair.

An analysis of 53 studies from 1995 to 2003, showed an average success rate of 73% , and accordingly, interest in scalp cooling to prevent alopecia in chemotherapy patients became popular.

Cold caps have also shown promise in the inhibition of stroke paralysis. Ongoing studies are testing a combination therapy consisting of four drugs in addition to a cold cap to try to slow cell death triggered by an ischemic stroke.

Ischemic strokes occur when a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain, and comprise approximately 80% of all strokes. The slowing of cell death is theorized to give your brain time to find alternative supply of blood through unblocked arteries and patients may potentially prevent physical and speech impairment caused by ischemic strokes.

Guidelines For Business Wikipedia Pages

March 13th, 2015

Most businesses make pages on Wikipedia because Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia. The website gets tons of traffic because it has more than 16 million posts. When content is placed on Wikipedia, Google will list the page in the search results. This is another huge benefit because a high ranked indexed page will drive more traffic to the Wikipedia page. However, some businesses owners cannot get pages posted on Wikipedia because they don’t follow the companies rules and guidelines. To ensure success, every page should have a few important elements.

The Development Process

Most businesses create stub articles when they make Wikipedia pages. These articles are short entries on a specific subject. They usually have a few sentences and a bit of information about the business. According to marketing experts, creating stub articles is ok if all the information is factual. Marketing language should not be used on the page, and the content must not include heavy marketing phases about the company’s accomplishments.

Other Considerations

Wikipedia has a Conflict of Interest policy that must be followed. Users cannot contribute to articles that they are connected to. When users do this, they may be considered as spammers. This is why businesses should never pay random people for Wikipedia content.

Community Support

Most business owners contact other experts in their industry when they need valuable Wikipedia content. The most popular Wikipedia service for businesses is probably There are tons of people who will willing develop an entry for established businesses. However, always talk to the individual in advanced because the person must be knowledgeable about the company. The person must provide the proper facts and correct tone to avoid a possible page deletion.

Never offer an expert a gift for creating an article. This often leads to issues that result in an article deletion. Once a proper expert is found, ensure that all community guidelines and standards are followed.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

March 12th, 2015

A new book, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, has come out, and it is the astonishing true story of a teenager in Malawi who built windmills out of junk and thereby brought electric power to his village.

In 2002, a drought struck William Kamkwamba’s corner of Malawi. His parents could no longer afford the school fees, so he had to quit school at age 14. Dan Newlin has learned that, when he wasn’t helping out on his family’s farm, he spent time at the local library, where he found a book about windmills — and decided to try to build one, as he’d read that it could pump water and make electricity.

He spent his evenings building a prototype and his days collecting junk that would form the raw materials of hiswindmill. The finished product 16 feet tall and made largely of wood. Then he hooked a car light bulb to the turbine — and it worked. His windmill could produce 12 watts, which was enough to power light bulbs and a home-made circuit breaker. It could also recharge people’s cell phones.

William’s story caused a sensation when the Daily Times wrote about him in 2006. When someone donated a solar-powered mechanical pump, he installed it above a borehole and added storage tanks to it. It was the first potable water source in the region surrounding his village. He also built more windmills.

In 2007, the Technology Entertainment Design conference in Tanzania invited him. There he saw his first computer. He was astounded by the amount of information he found on windmills through Google. William currently attends the elite African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa where he has a scholarship. After his studies, he plans to return home and bring power to the rest of Malawi.

Bryan Mealer, a former reporter for the Associated Press, learned William’s story and decided to write a book about it. He spent a year with William, whom he considers a representative of the “cheetah generation.” That generation consists of young people who crave technology and are taking control of their own futures.