Tips For First Time Investors

August 27th, 2015

People who did not grow up learning about money may see investing as something that is just overwhelming. However, with just a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of support, most people grow to see that investing is not really as overwhelming as it may seem.

Start As Soon As Possible

It is best to start putting away money for investments as soon as possible. Most people are surprised to realize that after they figure out their budget, they have 25 or $30 a month that they can put away for an investment. The sooner a person starts to invest, the more money they will eventually make. If a person starts to invest money in their early 20’s, because of the compounding interest rates, they will make more money by time they are in their 50’s as opposed to a person who starts investing in their late 30’s or 40’s.

Talk to Someone Who Knows

The main reason why people are afraid of investing is because they have no knowledge of the investment vehicles that are available. For this reason, the first step to take is to talk to an investment adviser and get their opinion on what you should do with the amount of money that you have available. They may suggest something like opening a tax-free savings account, a registered retirement savings plan, or some other form of investment. The point is that the more educated a person is on the different investment options that are available, the better equipped they will be to make wise investment decisions.


A successful investor understands the importance of diversifying their investments. For example, Brad Reifler is a well-known investor and serial entrepreneur. Throughout the course of his business life he has invested in a wide range companies offering varied products and services. His claim to fame is being the chief executive of Forefront Capital. However, throughout the years he has served as the CEO of Pali Capital, worked as a star trader for Refco, as well as served as director of Genesis Securities and European American Investment Bank.

Start with What You Know

One of the easiest ways to get into the stock market is by buying what you know. For example, if you love Apple products and you have an iPhone, an iPad, an iWatch, and just about every other Apple gadget that has been made, then a good way to get your feet wet is by buying Apple shares. It’s familiar to you, and it is a product that you understand. Of course, this type of investing must be separated from more serious investing. For example, a person who is in their mid-30’s and is looking to buy their first home will create an investment strategy that has more long-term goals in mind.

It will take time to really learn about all of the investment vehicles that are available. However, it is time that is well spent since it leads to a wider and more secure financial future.

Reasons Why Women Choose To Become Businesswomen

August 27th, 2015

Business women tend to do business in many ways and for many reasons. Money isn’t the whole story for most of them. There are certain driving factors for these women in business and satisfaction in doing it for themselves is one of them. There other reasons as well as to why women choose to do business in particular. Freedom is one of them. Some women just don’t like being dependent on other family members. They want the freedom to make their own choice when it comes to their lifestyle. Owning a business is a way to achieve the level of freedom they want and need.

Certain businesswomen pursue business because they want to change their current career and find a useful meaning in the job they do. For example, Susan McGalla is a businesswomen who has always pursued her position at Wet Seal Inc and other retail companies as her favorite hobby. Sometimes it is by choice that women like her choose business, other times they simply want a change. Career change from conventional job to business brings a lot of satisfaction – inner as well as outer – for these women. They no longer have to feel trapped in a job they don’t want to do or are not interested in anymore. This is a chance to work at something that is more interesting.

Another reason for women to choose business is recognition. Having a name in the business is particularly important for some women. They don’t just want to do a random job, but do business where they can be recognized for the quality of work they do. In many cases, business opportunities give these women the flexibility they need and allow them to satisfy personal preferences, such as working from home, working outdoors, meeting clients, maintaining a balance at home and at work and having seasonal vacations. Business is a great opportunity where they can have it all at one place rather than follow others’ orders.

Businesswomen feel the sense of accomplishment when they have enough responsibility to showcase their expertise in a field they are well-versed with. They want to play a bigger role in their chosen field and make a positive impact on the business as well. This is one more reason why women prefer business to working a conventional job. Also, there is always professional growth when it comes to running a business. Some women like that their ideas are being put to good use and clearly evident for others to see. They enjoy the chance of having to do it the right way.

With many corporates looking for ways to control costs, business provides an opportunity for women to earn what their business is worth. These benefits may be plentiful compared to what they can earn elsewhere. Many businesswomen fee that the advantages of working in a business environment outweighs anything conventional job can offer. Add to it the profit coming each year and the security with respect to earning is greatly increased.

Equipping Businesses for Future Growth

August 26th, 2015

Many times, a financial endeavor ends prematurely. In many cases, planning and funding of the project did not go as planned. More times than not, many entrepreneurial endeavors go by the wayside, never maturing to a level of profitability because of a number of numerous factors. In many cases, these factors are unseen by the most astute business mind. Without a full understanding of how a business and its many parts work in tangent, many unforeseen things can occur.

What is needed in these cases are experts who understand the intricacies of business structure and human capital. To properly organize a business entity for maximum efficiency, an individual with specialized knowledge needs to understand and locate vital personnel to carry out the various tasks needed to ensure success.

Experts who specialize in human capital management consider employees as assets, and formulates strategies that put those assets in positions that will be most effective for the corporate entity. Capital strategy is about putting the right things in the right places for maximum results.

On his Lawyerist profile you can see that Sam Tabar has worked alongside companies like Bank of America Merrill Lynch to bring order in capital strategy situations. He counseled at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom, LLP in Los Angeles, and served as Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director for PMA Investment Advisors / SPARX Group Co. This vast experience as both a capital strategist and lawyer has aided him well with experience in both the legal and financial world.

Understanding the complex intricacies of personnel assignments and corporate development is the prime skill of any successful capital strategist. Tabar brings a wealth of experience to businesses that use his services, and his extensive track record has placed him in high demand.

It is not enough to simply begin a business, regardless of the amount of capital invested or the extent of the business plan. Understanding how the intricacies of a business operates, and having the ability to modify or recruit key human assets of the business for maximum efficiency is a must for a successful capital venture.

Meet Influential Executive-class Businesswoman Susan McGalla

August 26th, 2015

Business women today are fierce leaders. Some business feel threatened and vulnerable. It’s fascinating to observe how a businesswoman manages her duties within an organization. Some women in business aren’t too thrilled about the title and what it comes with. As high achievers, business women face tremendous competition, especially from their male counterparts. With a charismatic attitude and dynamic leadership skills, women have become heads of numerous male-dominated industries. The days when gender difference dictated a woman’s fate has long gone. Nowadays, they’re networking and establishing lucrative business partnerships with men of equal integrity. With an urgent need to build their hierarchical stance; woman executives usually work extremely hard to earn everyone’s respect especially that of their male counterparts. Even moms have become entrepreneurs leading successful companies that were typical male-dominated businesses.

Dignified woman executives like Susan Mcgalla are the masterminds behind the creation of successful business ideas and influential product launches. They’re empowering other women and expanding their network to create lucrative business opportunities. Men aren’t entirely forgotten, but business women are extremely competitive these days. Women-owned companies are largely becoming a trend worldwide. A recent research reported an impressive 59% increase in the last decade and a half. Amazingly, it also found that the revenue appreciation reported for these companies was 63% according to the study. Financially, women-owned business are usually secure. The minimum funding required is a smaller budget compared to that of male-dominated companies. A study conducted in 2012 reported a 40% appreciation in angel investments to fund women-owned business endeavors. Women involved in angel investing have gained an influence lately. A research confirmed that the population has seen a 50% incline in recent years.

Even with a smaller capital, business women manage to build an empire delivers similar performance to their male-owned counterparts. Business startup failures are fewer with women-led companies too. This creates profit-making venture capital opportunities to generate wealth and financial security for a business. Some investors prefer women as executives and entrepreneurs to male counterparts. It’s often perceived as a safer, healthier business environment to maximize revenue and returns.

Susan McGalla represents powerful, influential woman executives. Ohioan-born McGalla has become a top-achieving executive consultant and businesswoman. Now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she’s Pittsburgh Steelers managing director. He role in this capacity involves guiding the company’s growth and development through strategic planning. She attended Mount-Union College and earned a graduate-level business-and-marketing bachelor’s degree. She’s also a board advisor at the said college. Stephen McGalla he husband is a high achiever too. He’s an accomplished wealth management expert.

Susan has assumed numerous managerial and marketing roles from 1986-1995. She’s an active HFF Inc. board member and former high-end designer clothing line AEO (American-Eagle-Outfitters) president. At Wet-Seal Inc. McGalla served a long, dutiful term as CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer). She also became a University-of-Pittsburgh trustee. Susan directed the Allegheny-Conference where she focused on affairs involving community development. With Susan’s successful career as a high-achieving business executive, she’s empowering other female leaders. Some businessmen express admiration of the fierceness and creative competition women leadership has brought to the industry.

Investing With Highland Capital

August 26th, 2015


Investing is one of the most essential aspects of building wealth over time. There are few people that have been able to amass large amounts of wealth without having a solid investing plan. There are many investing firms on the market today that promise to earn clients a high rate of return. However, few of these firms have the track record that Highland Capital does over the long term. It is important for anyone that is investing with professionals to understand their strategy and be comfortable with how they are managing the funds. One of the most well known people in personal finance is Jim Dondero, who is the founder and leader of Highland Capital. Early on in his career, James Dondero had a vision to change the world through his work with Highland Capital. There are few companies that have the client base or influence in the market that Highland Capital does. Here are several tips for anyone that is looking to increase their rate of return in their portfolio.


One of the keys to success over the long term is to diversify using a variety of different funds. When certain sectors of the economy drop, diversification helps the portfolio to stay in balance. Many studies show that portfolios that are properly diversified earn a higher rate of return over the long term than those that are not. This is one of the keys to investing, both because it is effective and because it is fairly easy to do.

Think Long Term

Another important aspect to investing is to think long term. There are going to be times when the market is up and down. Always remember to execute the investing strategy that you come up with. The people that are able to keep their minds straight while the market is going down are the ones that will succeed. Instead of viewing a down market as a time to panic, view it as a buying opportunity. There are many people that sold their investment funds at the bottom of the market, only to miss out on one of the largest bull markets in the history of the United States. As an investor, never be driven by emotion when making investing decisions.

James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the most well known and successful people in the investing field. At an early age, James Dondero founded Highland Capital and was able to build the company up to what it has become today. There are few people that have been able to attain his level of success in the finance field. He is a great example of the impact that just one person can make.

How To Choose The Right Personal Injury Attorney

August 25th, 2015

If you or someone you know is seriously injured in an accident, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Choosing a personal injury attorney who actively represents you and protects your rights is essential in getting the result you want. A good injury lawyer will work hard and ensure that you receive the compensation you desire and deserve.

You should never underestimate the value of a lawyer’s experience when it comes to evaluating and investigating a claim. It is important to hire an attorney who is well versed in personal injury representation. An experienced attorney knows what to look for, and understands what needs to be done to win your case.

For example, each state has specific laws related to causation, contributory negligence, statutes of limitation, assumption of the risk, negligence, and other laws or standards which might be relevant to your situation.

Part of that expertise and knowledge also involves selecting the proper venue for your case as that can have a huge impact on the compensation or amount of money you are awarded.

Hiring an injury attorney without experience is not a good idea, and may mean that you’re gambling and taking a chance you simply should avoid. So, Facebook users will tell you that before choosing a personal injury attorney, find out if the attorney you’re considering has handled similar cases, his or her success rate and whether the attorney is prepared to go to trial if necessary.

To find out whether an attorney is right for you, set up a consultation with the attorney to discuss your claim and possible ways of approaching it. Make sure you provide copies of medical records and bills, police report, income loss information, and all other documents that pertain to your case. Most attorneys do not charge anything for an initial consultation.

A competent injury attorney can help you avoid making mistakes that may prevent you from getting the outcome you deserve. If you have a personal injury case and are looking for a powerful attorney to help you obtain the compensation you deserve, look no further than Mikal Watts.

Mikal Watts has a great reputation in the legal community and can fight for you. His practice areas include personal injury, catastrophic injury and death, automotive defects, medical device, commercial trucking negligence, refinery negligence, product liability, pharmaceutical, and commercial litigation and toxic torts

The Youngest Ubben Lecturer: Yeonmi Park

August 22nd, 2015

I found an article on DePauw site, under the news media’s latest news. The youngest Ubben Lecturer speaker , Yeonmi Park, is going to visit DePauw university. This remarkable 21-year old has been through more than most people have in first world countries. Growing up in North Korea she never experienced freedom, only to have her mind opened by an illegal (and banned) copy of Titanic. That was her first taste of freedom. It would not be until her dad was arrested and put in a labour camp and became ill that she would begin the process of becoming truly free.

Being smuggled across the border, and handed off to human traffickers all throughout China, she had to hide from the Chinese officials. She lost track of her sister, but managed to keep her mother with her. Her dad joined them, but he died from colon cancer. It was after she and her mom reached Mongolia and sought refuge at the South Korean Embassy that they were reunited with her sister; five years later. She has since found her voice in the human rights movement.

She has been given a spot in the BBC Top 100 Global Women. She spoke at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum and even the 2014 One Young World Summit in Dublin. She has a book entitled, “In Order To Live” explaining in detail her difficulties. She has even been featured on CNN, BBC, New York Times, and The Wallstreet Journal.

The Ubben Lecturer is open to everyone and a free admission event that has been graced by such people as, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Michio Kaku and many more famous and influential people. It will take place one day after she turns 22 years of age (Happy Birthday), and 6 days after Penguin publishes her book.
If your interest has been piqued, or you are/would like to be more knowledgeable about North Korea and like hearing personal stories, this event is for you.

It will be at 7:30 PMin the Green Center’s Kresge Auditorium (605 S. College Avenue). Free admission to everyone.

CCMP Capital was the Successful Achievement of Stephen Murray

August 22nd, 2015

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC is a private equity firm whose expertise allowed them to spread their wings globally. Their growth and equity transactions amount to $16 billion since 1994.
They have portfolios’ in North America with prestigious and household name companies such as, Aramark, LHP Hospital Group and MedQuest Associates. Some of the well-known companies in Europe are the Edwards Group, Pure Gym and the SafteyKleen company. CCMP Capital manages the portfolios of the big boys because of the professionalism and team work that is promoted throughout the company. CCMP chose a profitable and diverse field for investments to have endless opportunities in Healthcare, Industrial, Energy, Consumer and the Retail industries. CCMP presently manages the private equity portfolio of J.P. Morgan Partners.

CCMP has a management portfolio team that will help your company to make informed decisions about the investments, so you can reach your desired goals. This includes, investing domestically or internationally, the funds needed for purchase and closely examine the performance of the investment and balance the risk. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the services that are offered by CCMP Capital.

CCMP has a sentimental and historic use of their initials. The company has set their name in stone for the present and future financial organizations to recognize the outstanding and remarkable success they have acquired throughout the years.
These are the predecessors and partners they wanted to honor.
Chemical Ventures
Chase Capital
Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan

Stephen Murray was the former CEO of CCMP Capital Advisors and a brilliant player in the investment field. His light dimmed forever in March 2015. He resigned his post because of health related reasons.
Mr. Murray was the head of the buyout business at J.P. Morgan Partners and joined the firm in 1989. He remained in his current position until the spinoff from J.P. Morgan Partners were completed. Then he founded CCMP in 2006 and was appointed CEO of the company in 2007.
He focused his skill and expertise toward healthcare, retail and services and financial services. CCMP additionally raised two additional multibillion dollar funds. CCMP Capital Investors III closed in September in the amount of $3.6 billion, with buyout and growth equity funds.

Stephen Murray has a B.A. from Boston College and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
He served on several board of director platforms, including Legacy Hospital Partners, AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods and Aramark. The Make a Wish Foundation, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and his alma mater the Columbia business school was some of the charities he supported.

A Healthy Diet Contributes to Lifelong Health for Dogs

August 20th, 2015

A growing dog has a number of needs to ensure he is in the best of health. A good diet, plenty of exercise and lots of love from their owner can go a long way to giving your pet the longevity and quality of life he deserves. Taking care of a dog can be a big responsibility, but it is also a great source of joy and mutual benefit to the health and closeness of the family it belongs to.

Starting Out Strong

From the very start, your dog will need a nutritious diet high in protein and healthy fats to fuel his appetite and help him grow to his full potential. A well-fed dog is a happy dog, and it will greatly contribute to responsiveness, cooperation, sustainable mood and a healthy coat. Even strong teeth and bones depend on quality vitamins and minerals found in well-balanced food sources.

Beneful Can Help You Get There

Beneful brand dog food knows how valuable quality ingredients and a proper balance of nutrition can be for a dog’s health. Using only the safest and most nourishing combinations of healthy foods, Beneful is able to provide a top-quality product for every dog’s needs. The wide variety of wet food, dry food or delicious treats makes Beneful an excellent yet affordable choice for your dog.

Crossing the Finish Line Fit

As your dog advances in age, their bone density, eye acuity and other health factors become even more sensitive to deterioration. Bone strength that lasts and keen eyesight both depend on maintaining a consistently high-quality diet. Dogs that experience tooth loss or tooth sensitivities may need to transition to an all wet food based diet. Keeping a good standard of care, and continuing to note changes in his behavior helps promote the continued thriving of your pet, even if your dog has not shown any symptoms of his advancing age.

Don’t forget you are your pets greatest ally and partner. When considering all of the options available to you, just remember a life of health starts with a little bit of love and a whole lot of fun.

Syngenta and GMO Corn

August 18th, 2015

A Swiss-based company by the name of Syngenta has come under fire lately and is now the subject of multiple class action lawsuits. The motive for these lawsuits is that Syngenta knowingly marketed two genetically modified corn strains before they were approved in foreign markets. Syngenta knew the corn would be rejected by these markets, but pushed the product’s use in the U.S. anyway. According to various lawsuits, Syngenta encouraged U.S. corn farmers to plant a specific seed side-by-side with other corn varieties after the seed was approved in the American market. However, Syngenta knew this product would be rejected by China because when using this method of planting corn, there is a major risk of contamination. When the foreign markets then rejected the shipments, that caused the corn prices to drop dramatically. Corn farmers are reeling from the losses.

China rejected all corn shipments from the United States in 2013 and 2014 due to it being GMO. The corn industry subsequently lost billions of dollars due to this move. Corn farmers not only provide crops to Americans, but also to many people around the world. So if another country rejects American corn, it still has a profoundly negative impact on the corn industry in the U.S. The billions of dollars lost impacts not only the farmers, but the U.S. economy as a whole.

Attorney Mikal Watts and his team are assisting farmers nationwide. The goal is to recover financial compensation for the damages suffered due to the rejected corn. Thousands of farmers have already filed lawsuits again Syngenta. Mikal’s firm, Watts Guerra LLP, has a great deal of experience in handling agricultural lawsuits, such as these against Syngenta. Mikal is a highly rated plaintiff’s attorney who has succeeded in litigating against top corporations. His expertise will no doubt help the corn farmers in their fight against Syngenta, which you can see from his Facebook.