New Lost City Discovered in Honduras

March 5th, 2015

The rainforest of Central and South America hide some of the last great wonders of the world. Due to the rapid state of growth the rainforest goes through, it is possible for the entire forest to grow over itself in just a short period of time. So, long lost cities from previous civilizations would be completely covered by completely jungles, without anyone knowing it. this is why the discovery of a new lost city is both not surprising and yet amazing at the same time.

Located in a rainforest in Honduras, a team of archaeologists have stated they found a lost city that might be a fabled city known as “City of the Monkey God.” The team of researchers used an aerial light detection scanner in order to scan over natural soil in order to find rock structures under the rainforest. Marcio Alaor BMG has read that, once the team located what they believed to be a possible city, archaeologists from both the United States and Honduras were able to begin excavation, all while being protected by Honduran Special forces (there are still indigenous tribes who live throughout the region who attack on site, not to mention all sorts of wild animals).

Now, this culture is not part of the Maya, and very little is known about the group of people who lived in the region, which is why the discovery of the city can shed light onto these people.

Keith Mann Helps Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

March 4th, 2015

Based on a report from CBS News 8, Keith Mann has hit the headlines today after holding a fundraiser that he had organized in partnership with Dynamics Search Partners. He held the event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden to raise funds for the Uncommon Schools. Also attending were members of the financial services community whom collectively gathered over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. The funds are meant to sponsor student testing at a new high school opened by the charter school for the 2014-2015 school year.

Keith Mann stated that the goal of uncommon schools is to close the attainment gap and prepare millions of students from low-income backgrounds for graduation from college. He voiced his support for the mission and added that they will work towards providing every person the chance to attend college.

The charter school is opening a new high school in Brooklyn, NY. The student testing areas to be funded include AP Testing and students’ PSAT for the maiden school year. Dynamics Search Partners has been involved in previous students’ testing needs for the Uncommon Schools by offering monetary help to the tune of $10,000.

Dynamic Search Partners first partnership with the New York based Uncommon Schools was back in 2013. The partnerships’ goal is to create an on-going and meaningful platform for DSP to offer help to students in learning tactical and practical skills necessary for success in college and beyond. Keith Mann has pledged support to the school’s innovations and pledge to academic brilliance at the high school level and also looks towards better times in their relationship this year and the coming years.

During the event, Mann stated his excitement in working with the uncommon schools and had a tour of the schools saying he was inspired to see how motivated the students are to achieve college grades.

Heroin Use on the Rise, Prescription Painkiller use Declining

March 4th, 2015

Prescription painkillers – OxyContin, Lortab and even more potent pills used to relieve pains- have been the number one abused drug in America for several years now. Things are beginning to change as doctors and lawmakers look for ways to minimize the ways that abusers have to obtain these painkillers. Despite the good news and decline in prescription drug abuse, heroin use is on the rise. Both drugs present serious problems when in the hands of an addict.

The number of heroin-related deaths between 2010 – 2013 tripled, according to a report released by the National Center for Health Statistics. This number is quite alarming, considering that most statistics do not increase at such a drastic rate in such a short period of time.

Sultan Alhokair has read that in 2013, there were 8,257 deaths from heroin overdose, and 16,235 deaths from prescription painkiller overdose. Most of the painkillers that are abused and contributing to these deaths were obtained illegally, and without a prescription.
One reason for the decline in prescription drug abuse and heroin is the cost. A shot of heroin can cost as little as $90. The same high from an OxyContin pill could cost as much as $60 to $100, depending upon where you live and the demand for the drug at the moment.

Pope Francis Blasts The Throw-Away Culture Created By The Economic Policies Of World Leaders

March 3rd, 2015

Pope Says Unfairness And Inequality Has To Stop

There is a fire lurking under the white zucchetto of Pope Francis. That fire prompted a new attack on the economic inequality created by the throw-away mentality of a global economy. Poverty, unemployment, welfare and other social issues like healthcare are not being addressed in a way that alleviates these devastating conditions according to the Pope.

The lack of compassion and understanding for the sake of profit has the world in a economic tailspin that will ultimately pull the world into a worldwide recession. Italy is experiencing a high unemployment rate especially among the younger generation. The jobs that are available don’t pull the hungry out of hunger; they make them hungrier according to the Pope.

The Pope’s recent speech was given in front of the association of Italian cooperative movements said AnastasiaDate. The Argentinian Pope said, “For those living at the existential margins the current social and political system seems fatally destined to suffocate hope and increase risks and threats.”

It seems our global economy is fueled by the money hungry demands of a capitalistic group of countries that would rather take and then give-back little unless it compliments their financial plan.

New Mexico Student Suspended for making Parents Aware

March 3rd, 2015

The recent suspension of an 8th grade student in New Mexico brings up questions as to whether the rights of students and parents are being disregarded by the school system. The girl simply printed out and distributed forms that allow parents to opt out of the online-standardized testing system. The young girl said she just wanted to let parents know that they had an option.

She spent nearly an hour and a half waiting for the principal to talk to her once she was called to the office. When the principal took her into the office, the girl was told that she was suspended for distributing the material. The forms are found on the school’s own website and the girl says she feels she did nothing wrong. The school seems to agree with her in theory, as their public statement suggests, but she was still suspended for the action.

Sultan Alhokair knows that it does not make sense to this girl or her mother as to why she was suspended. What is clear is that student rights appear to have been trampled on in this particular case. It makes people wonder how many other occasions students have been punished for things that they had every right to do. It may be time for parents to research the topic of student rights to see if other violations such as this occur when the school is upset that parents are made aware of their real options.

Immigrants Have Better Health than Canadian-Born Citizens

March 2nd, 2015

Those who are immigrating to Canada are enjoying better health than those who were born and raised on Canadian soil. The bad news is those healthy immigrants are finding themselves experiencing declining health after they have lived in Canada for a while.

No one knows why.
A Statistics Canada study released earlier this week on that I found on my friend Bernardo Chua’s blog, reveal that healthy immigrants are entering the country, but are soon losing their health edge over Canadian-born citizens. While the health of immigrants decline, the death rate does not exceed that of the Canadian citizens.
The theory behind the increased health that immigrants bring with them to Canada is thought to be a more healthier lifestyle lived prior to entering the borders of Canada. Once the immigrants have settled into the culture and adopted the typical lifestyle of Canadians, their health begins to decline.
A more in-depth study will be required to discover the exact reasons that immigrants are healthier. A country-by-country study will be needed for definitive answers regarding the eating habits and activity levels of Canadian immigrants to unlock the door to their better health.

Stanford Speaks Out About Students Viewing Admission Files

February 26th, 2015

Over a month ago, a Stanford University student newsletter revealed that currently enrolled students could access all of their college records, including their admission records. The documents must be obtained under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and include all of the confidential data that goes into the admissions process.

After the newsletter ran a story on the law, Stanford and other Ivy League schools were inundated with requests for the confidential files. Until recently, Stanford administration has stayed mum on the topic, but as requests grow they are stepping up to discourage students from reading the documents.

An email was sent to all students who requested the documents. The e-mail suggested students think introspectively about what they would really gain from reading through confidential material. The e-mail also goes onto inform students that they can withdraw their request at any time.

Paul Mathirson has read that many Ivy League experts worry that such access to these records could allow a deeper insight into the mysterious world of admission to top tier schools, including graduate programs that many of these students accessing their files will potentially be applying to.

An Extraordinary Diversified Healthcare Professional: Dr. Rod Rorich

February 24th, 2015

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a distinguished, internationally renowned plastic surgeon who holds several notable credentials. His educational background is in the field of medicine with degrees from Baylor University, Radcliffe, and Harvard Medical School, which he completed in 1986.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is currently Department Chairman at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He is Editor In Chief of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” a professional journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He also holds chairs for the Crystal Charity Ball and the Betty and Warren Woodward Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Foundation.

Healthgrades, which is a web site registry of physicians and surgeons across the US, cite Dr. Rod Rohrich to currently have no sanctions, no malpractice history in the state of Texas, and no board sanctions prohibiting practice. Dr Rod Rohrich is also on the Healthgrades Honor Roll.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and staff are said to be fluent in several languages. These include Chinese, French, German, English and Spanish. He has been voted as Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, Texas, on repeated occasions, and considered one of the best in America. Professional credit includes co-founder of AIR Foundation. Alliance for Reconstructive Surgery Foundation, whose work involves education about reconstructive surgery. Also, the foundation aids in providing funds for women seeking reconstructive surgery from breast cancer.

Dr. Rod Rohrich advises the following at his web site prior to having any plastic surgery procedure:
-Choose a board certified plastic surgeon, which will ensure stellar credentials.
-Operating privileges within an accredited ambulatory facility.
-Experience or expertise in named procedure.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has performed rhinoplasty defined as nose forming, or nose molding. Additionally, liposuction, meaning the surgical removal of excess fat from under the skin. This is accomplished via a small surgical incision and vacuum suctioning. (See
Dr. Rod Rohrich is a husband, father, outstanding healthcare professional who is well respected and has achieved much in his over 30 years of humanitarian service.

Verdict Expected This Week For German Nurse Who Killed More Than 30 Patients

February 23rd, 2015

A 38 year old nurse, Niels H. from Germany is admitted to killing 30 or more of his patients as part of thrill seeking game. He is being charged with three murders, and two attempted murders as he injected them with an overdose of heart medicine only to see if he could revive them.

He apologized to the families of his victims with the explanation that it was only a game, and that he would understand if that wasn’t accepted. While on trial he admitted to performing this game on at least 90 patients, with over 30 of them dying between 2003 and 2005. A spokesman for the court stated, Niels became bored after being moved from the emergency room to a quieter setting.

Niels admitted to getting a thrill when he performed CPR , and decided to induce the need for resuscitation himself.

Since his admission to so many numerous cases, police are now looking into some 200 other death cases that happened while the man was working in Delmenhorst, Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg.

There are questions as to why he was not stopped and brought to justice sooner. Marcio Alaor BMG wonders: Was there failure in the hospital system and law enforcement? He was charged in 2005 with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. It was not until 2008 when he was finally convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison. This is when the other cases were discovered.

Budget Hawks Alarmed at President Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program Amid Soaring Price Tag

February 11th, 2015


Yet another government program’s actual costs has grossly exceeded its initial projections. Medicare was famously said to have an initial ten year cost of $700 million and ended up costing taxpayers ten times that amount. The most recent budget overrun is President Obama’s “Pay As You Earn” or PAYE program that caps student loan monthly payments at 10% of the borrower’s monthly income. The program readjusts principle and interest payments to fit the borrower’s income with taxpayers compensating the banks for the difference between the amortization schedule of payments and the actual payments. President Obama’s 2016 Fiscal Year Omnibus budget states the program will run $21.8 billion in the red this year.

It is unclear just how much of that cost is due to recent changes the president made or the popularity of the program with young borrowers. Marcio Alaor from BMG contributed to in estimations that in 2013, 124,000 enrolled in the PAYE program. Those who make their payments faithfully can have the remaining balances expunged after 20 years. Those working in the public sector are given preferential status and can have their student loan debts forgiven after 10 years of timely payments. Critics of the plan cite the fact that it makes all taxpayers foot the bill. Fully 3 out of 4 workers who do not have college degrees are paying off the loans for college graduates in the PAYE program. Others are concerned whether the program is helping the “right” people.