Desiree Perez Presents Tidal in a New Light

February 18th, 2017

Tidal is gaining a lot of exposure, and there is one person that Jay-Z has to thank for that. This person is Desiree Perez. She has proven that she has the ability to negotiate the contract and get the right players in place to make this a wonderful streaming service.


Desiree and Jay-Z are not new working partners. They have a friendship that extends over the course of many years. This was a good thing for Jay-Z because he has been able to see the work ethic and all of the success that Desiree Perez has had in her other business ventures. He knew without the shadow of a doubt that she would be the one that could take Tidal to a new level. He has had other people in positions of power at Tidal, but none of them have made the type of moves that Desiree Perez has made. She has been the force that has allowed Tidal to be recognized as one of the better music streaming services out there. The CEO of Sprint has even taken notice of this company and has invested 33% in funding with the Tidal organization. This is a huge accomplishment for Jay-Z and Desiree Perez. It is just something that proves that their teamwork has been invaluable in gaining Tidal customers.  Based on



Anyone that may have doubted Tidal in the past is clearly going to see this company in a different light. It is the type of music streaming service that presents high fidelity music that has a higher quality than some of the other streaming services out there. This will be the thing that Sprint will utilize to lower more customers to this Tidal app. There are so many possibilities that exist now that Sprint has invested into this music streaming service.

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Real Estate Developer Omar Boraie Pledges $1.5 Million To Rutgers University

February 17th, 2017

Rutgers University is the New Jersey college that has anchored the city of New Brunswick for centuries. Long before New Brunswick was officially a city, Rutgers was a safe place for people to learn. Through the years, Rutgers, and New Brunswick have experienced major changes. New Brunswick is now considered a “Healthcare City,” and Rutgers has one of the best medical schools and hospitals in the state. In fact, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is changing the way the medical profession treats cancer. The medical staff at the institute is doing groundbreaking research in the field of precision medicine and genetic sequencing.

Omar Boraie, the prominent New Brunswick real estate developer,, was a chemist before he became a developer. Boraie has always been interested in medical advancements. Omar is one of the people that is responsible for making New Brunswick a healthcare city. Boraie bought 21 deserted properties downtown in the 1970s, and he developed those properties into modern day office and residential buildings. Today, downtown New Brunswick is filled with Boraie Development projects. Omar is credited with bringing the inner-city back to life, and he is paying forward what he learned from the city.

According to a article, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established recently. Boraie pledged $1.5 million to support the chair, and an anonymous donor matched Omar’s pledge. The Boraie pledge is part of the Rutgers University ‘18 Chair Challenge, reports The anonymous donor will match the pledges for all 18 chairs.

The reason the Boraie pledge is so newsworthy is the work the institute is doing to treat cancer patients. Cancer is no longer considered one disease that impacts everyone in the same way. Thanks to genetic sequencing, and precision medicine, researchers now know cancer is more than one disease. In other words, cancer impacts the cells of individuals differently. And the research shows individuals respond when they are treated differently. Medical professionals now know there are subpopulations of cancer. These subpopulations have similar characteristics, but at the genetic level, they are different.

Omar Boraie’s pledge will help researchers go to the next level, in terms of treating cancer patients with genomic science and precision medical procedures. The old methods of treating cancer are being replaced, thanks to people like Omar Boraie. Boraie may be known for transforming the downtown area of New Brunswick. But he is also known as a visionary that is helping find the right way to treat all cancer patients. View his full bio



February 13th, 2017

José Borghi é guru do anúncio brasileiro na indústria publicitária brasileira. É o fundador da agência Mullen Lowe. Nascido em Presidente Prudente, formou-se em Puc Campinas em publicidade e propaganda pela PUC.Borghi liderou muitas campanhas de grande importância em sua diversidade de propaganda Como Mammal de Parmalat e também ‘É o amor’ que ainda está fresco em mente de até à data.

Borghi começou sua carreira de volta em 1989 trabalhando em uma agência Standart Ogivily.It leva um monte de trabalho duro perseverança como Borghi ao iniciar sua empresa, ele começou a partir de zero absoluto sem investidores, sem banco e continuaram a trabalhar tão duro para alcançar seus objetivos E agora eles estão desfrutando os frutos de seu trabalho que é um sucesso.

Borghi compreendeu em um ponto adiantado que não seria patrocinado nem dado nenhum e nada bom virá scot-livre, o sucesso é conseguido pela grande consciência de seus compreensão e esforços. É importante realizar ao trabalhar para fora seus objetivos sua trajetória do sucesso Como um anunciante era evidente, sem dúvida.

O esforço de Borghi foi concedido a acreditação de vários institutos que viu a mudança que o Jose trouxe a sua agência do anúncio. Andre Gomes e José Borghi, são os CEOs da empresa. De recente, a empresa recebeu louvores de mercados internacionais e mercados domésticos, e os últimos têm colaborado com Lowe grupo e agência Mullen para fazer o seu serviço melhor e ampliar os seus serviços, mesmo Mais próximo dos clientes, dando-lhe seu novo nome Mullen Lowe Brasil.
Nada vem em um prato de prata que você tem que trabalhar para ele que é o slogan de José Borghi para o sucesso. Eles estão jogando seus.

Wessex Institute’s Conferences

February 11th, 2017

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is responsible for some of the biggest conferences around. The WIT Conference Programs have developed an excellent reputation as delivering quality conferences. The Institute is committed to serving as a connection between both academic and professional groups. As a result of their continued growth WIT serves as an ideal medium to achieve the Institutes objectives.

Each year the WIT conferences are responsible for about 25 different conferences. In 2016 the WIT Conference Program consists of some of the following conferences: 1st International Conference on Big Data, 1st International Conference on Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art, 10th International Conference on Risk Analysis and the 6th International Conference on Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature. These conferences are loaded with information and have influenced people all around the world See for related articles.

Conducting Research On A Vintner Prior To Investing In Their Products

February 9th, 2017

UK Vintners offer its customer base of wine connoisseurs with some of the best types of wine that are available. What separates them from other wine merchants is that they actually recognize the importance of ensuring that they take their time with making their wine.

Unfortunately, many wine merchants that are operating their businesses today are not very attentive to such a necessity. Proper wine making requires the merchant to ensure that they are taking enough time to allow the flavoring to mix with the alcohol while ensuring there is a proportionate amount of alcohol with the flavoring/fruits that are mixed in. Where a lot of vintners go wrong is that they do not necessarily allow their wine to settle prior to packaging the in bottles for their customers to purchase and drink.

Patience is a key element of processing for UK vintners. If you are an investor/purchaser of wine products, then you may be interested in the processes that are entailed with wine making. If you are interested in wine making, then you may want to consider contacting a vintner in UK as they will be able to provide you with information and details regarding their wines and what types of processing methods they utilize. By contacting one of the vintners you may be considering purchasing the products from, you are essentially setting yourself up for satisfaction as you will not have to deal with purchasing/investing in a wine product that you did not realize hadn’t undergone proper protocols of wine making, packaging, and distributing. Be sure to invest in a UK vintner that truly takes the customer bases’ levels of satisfaction into all considerations of their processing stages. You will not regret conducting an adequate amount of research into a vintner as you will be purchasing high qualities of products with knowledge, as opposed to guessing whether the products have been made under the pretenses of proper production methods.

Desiree Perez: The Woman Behind the Franchise

February 7th, 2017

A force to be reckoned with in SC Enterprises, Desiree Perez is now able to add Tidal’s recent success to her list of achievements. A brilliant accountant, advisor, and negotiator, Desiree Perez is a music executive known for her successes with the marketing and deals behind many, if not all of Roc Nation’s biggest successes. Every little buzz behind Beyoncé in 2016, from the “Formation” video dropping out of nowhere to the immense success of her tour, can be credited to Desirée Perez’s genius. She was also responsible for Rihanna’s Samsung deal, and Tidal being the only streaming service able to provide Prince’s records for streaming.  Click on for more.


She has had a lot of power in determining the future of Tidal, by helping Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter with idea planning and determining the focus of the business. She more than likely played a big role in its recent $200 million Sprint deal. Though large companies like Samsung, Spotify and Google expressed the desire to both buy and collaborate with Tidal, Perez turned down their offerings. It seems she, Carter, and other members of the “Hova Circle of Influence” made the decision to present Tidal as the company that had the upper hand and not one that was under the business of a well-established one. She sees the exclusivity and artistic value that Tidal brings to the music streaming industry, and has developed the interest Tidal’s target market has taken in it with free new membership deals.

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Correctly known as “Babe Ruthless” by New York Daily News, Perez is a marketing mastermind that has done well for Tidal and Roc Nation as a whole and is sure to be an excellent secret weapon for the company in the future.


Fall And Winter Mean Lip Balm To the Rescue

February 7th, 2017

Dry, cool, windy air might feel great after the summer’s sizzling, searing heat, but have you ever really thought about the damage your lips sustain all year long?

Most of us are always taking our time massaging in these rich moisturizers on our faces and necks and neglecting our lips. However, dermatologists want us to pamper our lips, and there are several reasons why.

First, it doesn’t matter how thin, full, or large they might be, everyone’s lips are made of the same delicate tissue. Lips also don’t have much melanin, so they can burn from the sun’s UVA-UVB rays all year long. In addition, lips lack protective oils, so they dry out quickly and often.

That means that a lip balm is your BFF, night and day, 24/7. Our lips need constant hydration and a cover of protection. We suggest Evolution of Smooth’s Organic Smooth Sphere lip balms for the ultimate purity and goodness. These balms are carefully formulated with the perfect amount of shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil to bathe your lips in healthy moisture. Theses balms are also dermatologist-tested and free of paraben and petrolatum, and did we mention they taste amazing?

Evolution of Smooth is packaged ideally, too, with its adorable, colorful pots and round-shaped balms that reach every little nook and cranny of your top and bottom lips. Natural flavors feature delightful Pomegranate Raspberry, Britney Spear’s all-time favorite to Honyesuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet and others.

EOS lip balms are always travel-friendly and so convenient to carry around in their unique, sphere-shaped design. These balms are 95% organic and 100% natural and long-lasting.

If your lips are chapped, burned or even suffering from cold sores or fever blisters, Evolution of Smooth to the rescue goes to work fast to repair and replenish. To learn more, visit the website and Facebook page.

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Philanthropy Plays A Major Role In The Life Of Dick DeVos

February 1st, 2017

I can think of few U.S. based business people who I believe have made such a lasting impact on both the business community and the lives of millions of people across the nation. I first became aware of Dick DeVos through the education reform work he has completed alongside his wife, Betsy DeVos, in the state of Florida, which prompted me to explore more of the life and work of this Grand Rapids, Michigan native; not only has Dick DeVos looked to develop school choice and voucher programs across the U.S., he has also played a key role in the development of the Kennedy Center for the Arts and sought to rebuild the economy of Grand Rapids by acting as the Chair of the Grand Action committee.


After looking back at the career of Dick DeVos I found myself increasingly impressed with the excellent career choices made by this Northwood University graduate who did not seek to enter the AmWay Group established by his father as an executive. I was shocked to discover Dick worked across the AmWay business from the 1970s through to 1986 when he made an unbelievable success of his first executive role as head of a previously under-performing international sales department. Throughout his career I have been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has been willing to take risks, such as his decision in 1991 to become the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise; this was another successful move by Dick that would allow him to further his career as a business leader.


In 1993, after proving himself as the head of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise, Dick DeVos was chosen by his father, Richard, to succeed him as the CEO and President of the AmWay Group. Even in this move that should have been the pinnacle of his career, I was pleased to see Dick was looking to the future and worked to restructure the AmWay Group to make sure it was fully prepared for the evolving demands of the 21st century. After Dick DeVos announced he was retiring from AmWay I feared he would live a quiet life away from his business and philanthropic activities, but I was pleased to discover he still looks to invest in new areas through The Windquest Group. Developing green energy options and businesses based in Grand Rapids, Michigan have been business moves that have impressed me immensely in recent years.


Jason Halpern’s Ventures and Prosperity in the Real Estate Sector

January 31st, 2017

Jason Halpern is a top professional in the delivery of real estate development solutions. He is the proprietor of a Brooklyn-based company, which is known as the JMH Development. Mr. Halpern also acts as the managing director of the enterprise. The real estate guru’s family has been in the sector for approximately five decades. JMH Development manages vast business spaces in the Westchester County. Jason has been working in the industry for a couple of years and has acquired sufficient expertise in the development of state-of-the –art buildings.

Mr. Halpern is highly passionate about his career in the industry, and this has supported him in building a niche and reputation for himself. He has worked in many regions and is devoted to developing robust and long-lasting relationships with the residents of those areas. His company has learned always to appreciate the communities that it serves. The solutions that are offered by the JMH Development are comprehensive, and the firm deals with the construction of residential and commercial properties. It has been highly innovative when designing its buildings since it primarily targets are wealthy clients that are based in the Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn markets. Jason has also acquired ample information on different real estate markets.

Apart from Mr. Halpern’s business ventures, he has also displayed his generosity by donating toward various community undertakings. He has been among the benefactors of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which currently operates from the Westchester Medical Center. A top-notch Level 1 Trauma Facility has been constructed at the hospital. The institution has majored in offering a variety of medical services, and they are fixing dislocated limbs, emergency neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and open heart surgery. It also treats children, burn victims, pregnant women, and internally injured patients.

Jason Halpern

The JMH has also been taking part in philanthropic deeds in different regions of the globe. It recently joined efforts with a multinational non-profit water foundation and currently supplies water to the people of Nepal and Ethiopia. The company donates $20,000 from every construction tender that it wins at the Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. There are more than 650 homes that have gained from this project.

Entrepreneur Adam Milstein Tells His Story of Success in Real Estate Investments

January 31st, 2017

Adam Milstein has experienced remarkable accomplishments as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and Israeli-American community leader. He learned in Israel, his home country and the United States the importance of education, while life experiences taught him what it requires to become successful as a businessman. After receiving his master’s degree, he entered the real estate industry working as a broker and learned all aspects of the business. He quickly experienced success as a real estate licensed broker and decided to take his career to another level. Mr. Milstein became a real estate investor and tells his story of building a successful investment portfolio and real estate property management firm.

Real estate isn’t a market that earns investors quick profits on a short-term basis. It can take a couple or more years before an investor realizes net profits from a real estate investment property. Accepting the fact that real estate is a long-term investment and eliminating goal setting both contributed to the success of Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein is managing partner of the branch office in San Fernando Valley, CA and helps to manage an estimated $2 billion in real estate properties. The firm’s investment portfolio is consistently growing, comprising over 100 properties.

Milstein and his investment partners head branch offices and manage commercial, industrial, retail, office space, and multi-family properties. He told Ideamensch in December 2016 that he believes his success and growth in real estate investments management is because he never set goals that limited his ability to succeed. His first investment venture was a complete failure in real estate because of a fast and short term transaction. He realized at that moment real estate properties aren’t short-term investments.

Adam Milstein is known in the Israeli-American community as a devoted leader and philanthropist. He is co-founder of IAC (Israeli American Council) and serves on the Boards of StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC, and other non-profit organizations. He earned an undergraduate degree from Technion and a master’s degree from the University of Southern University. He is a leader in the Israeli-American Community for the younger generation and promotes entrepreneurship and education.

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