The Tenure of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

November 22nd, 2017

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He is a global food executive who joined OSI Group in 1970 after initiating the financing of the Illinois-based Otto & Sons Company, which eventually changed its name to OSI Group. Over time, Sheldon Lavin became a shareholder at OSI Group. His vision for OSI Group has always been to transform it from a local food processor to a global powerhouse. OSI Group operates its meet processing franchise as a family. While there are administrative duties, policies, and regulations to follow within the meat industry, OSI Group’s approach has been family oriented.

OSI Group has continued to foster a free working atmosphere where everyone is allowed to air their grievances. In fact, the company’s executives usually take their lunch together. Besides, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has an open door policy, and the corporate office always pays attention to everyone. Supervisors and operational managers don’t have to address Sheldon Lavin by any formal terms. Mr. Sheldon Lavin attributes success to the company’s talented and loyal employees’ that enforces his nurturing streak. OSI Group currently has approximately 20,000 employees across the globe.

In the future, Mr. Sheldon Lavin hopes to grow OSI Group into a profitable world-class organization. Mr. Sheldon Lavin believes that the next generation of talented and energetic employees at OSI Group will propel it further even after his retirement. The company currently runs over 70 facilities in 17 countries. Its products include sauces, baked products, protein products, and vegetables. OSI Group also fosters a strong commitment to giving back to society by supporting various charitable causes.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin started working as a global food executive 43 years ago. He previously worked in the investment and banking sector. Mr. Lavin has executed all his acquisitions and joint ventures strategically. With a deep sense of purpose, Mr. Sheldon Lavin firmly believes in the art of green innovation. In 2016, his global food processing firm ranked 58th on the Forbes list of the leading food processing plants. Today, he takes pride in that OSI Group’s culture has remained uniform and cohesive despite language, political, and geographical barriers. Aged 85, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has no signs of retiring anytime soon. He remains committed to promoting sustainable business practices, reducing environmental impact, and making socially responsible contributions to workers and the surrounding communities. He also has a passion for charitable organizations that are involved in improving education and alleviating chronic illnesses.

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Talkspace Provides a Creates App Based Therapy Platform

November 20th, 2017

Talkspace is the app that people cannot seem to stop talking about. It is a company that has managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent months as things like sexual harassment and bullying escalate in the world.

There is a whole lot of talk about how this app may be able to transform many lives. People are getting a chance to see how they can respond with a licensed therapist by way of text messages. For many people this is a comfort zone that they may not be able to experience if they were talking to someone in person. Everyone that has issues may not always be in a place where they can voice these issues with people that they are seeing face to face.

Talkspace has made it easier for people to open up about things that maybe hurting them in their well-being. It is also the app that has become much more reasonably priced for therapy than the traditional therapy. This may be one of the main reasons that people to look to this app as something that will catch on.

There certainly are a large number of people that have utilized the app already, and even more people are considering signing up for the app before the year is out. At this present moment more than half a million people have utilized Talkspace, and the buzz is still growing about this new innovative app.

This is a New York based company that has licensed therapists available that are able to help with a large number of issues. These people are compassionate about what they are doing, and they realize that they are helping people that would not even consider traditional therapy. That is why they are taking extra precautions to take heed to the problems.

Drew Madden; Changing Lives in the Health Sector

November 19th, 2017

Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur and an experienced healthcare IT expert. He has vast experience of about a decade in planning, applying and improving electronic health records in hospitals across the United States. He serves as managing partner in Evergreen healthcare partners’ organization. Evergreen healthcare partners provide the health industry with healthcare IT expertise nationwide. The primary role of the company is to provide implementation and advisory services for various HER platforms and also give advanced healthcare technology. Evergreen values and recognizes their business workforce by encouraging them to advance their career as they partner with the business. The private firm works with professional workforce to ensure long-lasting relationship with customers.

Drew Madden studied B.S.E industrial Engineering where he majored in Medical systems at the University of Lowa College of engineering. His first employment was at the University of Lowa where he worked as a student advisor. Madden worked at the institution for four years.

Madden’s healthcare career journey started at Cerner Corporation. At Cerner, he worked as an implementation consultant. He helped with the implementation of clinical solutions in Chicago. In 2006, madden worked at Helthia consulting. He was the principal participant in working to implement quality inpatient applications in Midwest. He diligently worked to help the company get inpatient medical orders and clinical documentation. He also helped the company to get certification in inpatient procedure orders. Drew also worked at Ingenix consulting as a regional sales manager. In 2011 to 2016, Drew worked at Nordic consulting partners Inc. At Nordic, he served as the chairman and president of the company. The company, under the leadership of Madden, received several awards recognizing his consulting excellence. There was a substantial growth in the company during his managing period. The business significantly grew to a 725 employee firm. He managed to raise the company from a three client business to 150 partners and increased its revenue by $130,000,000 during his reign at the firm.

At Evergreen, Drew Madden works diligently to ensure that his work personnel and customers feel empowered to achieve more. He works tirelessly to ensure maximum healthcare IT investments and providing quality services that match the client’s expectations.

Kate Hudson Brings Her Star Power To Fabletics

November 13th, 2017

Almost everybody has now heard of the Fabletics range of athletic clothing which has made a dent in the huge profits seen every year by Amazon with its simple to use Website and dedicated lifestyle quiz making choosing the correct workout and leisure wear as simple as possible. Taking the lifestyle quiz is a simple and easy first step to take as potential Fabletics members look to learn more about the designer clothing on offer from the brand. What is less well known about Fabletics is the role played by actress Kate Hudson in forming and pushing forward the brand as the power of Fabletics customers has shown itself in the advancement of one of the fastest growing companies in the Online retail sector.


Fabletics has always been at the forefront of the latest advances in Online retail and marketing tools in its bid to make a major impression on the stranglehold Amazon has maintained over the Online retail sector. After launching in 2013, Fabletics has grown by an astonishing 200 percent and has become a major power in the latest marketing strategies where the power of crowd-focused marketing has become a key tool; consumer reviews are becoming increasingly important in the retail industry as the majority of Americans now search for reviews before making a decision about both a product and retailer to make their purchase from. Recent studies have shown more than 80 percent of consumers believe reviews are as important as a personal recommendation about either a product or retailer as the marketing needs of the industry is seen to be shifting.


Alongside the growing trend for reviews harnessed by Fabletics, the role of co-founder, Kate Hudson has become a key part of the success of the fledgling athletic wear brand. Hudson has changed the way the public see brand ambassadors with the majority of brands in the U.S. after she was chosen in the planning stages of Favbletics to become far more than simply an ambassador swearing the products of the Fabletics brand. The “Almost Famous” actress was the first choice of Fabletics co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to become the face of the campaign as they believed her active, happy lifestyle was the perfect match for their new brand.


The role played by Kate Hudson takes in almost every aspect of the Fabletics brand from design to sales and the development of the Online brand. Hudson has played a major role in making sure the design process is always aimed at providing the best possible athletic wear for the members of the retailer who has seen its customer service department undergo major changes with the aid of Kate Hudson as much more than simply the face of its marketing materials.

Why Dr. Mark McKenna Founded OVME

November 9th, 2017

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. He decided to start OVME after working in the medical aesthetics industry for ten years. After ten years, his practice was very large and he sold it for a lot of money. During his career, he learned a lot about the industry and how it can be changed.

When asked about how his typical day looks like, Mark McKenna explained that he gets up every day at six thirty in the morning. He gets his daughter out of bed and they eat breakfast together. He showers and goes to work around eight o’clock. He works until six in the afternoon, when he goes to eat dinner with his wife and family. He then heads to martial arts training until around nine in the evening. He then comes home, works again, and continues working until he falls asleep.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Dr. McKenna explained that he sets goals and then works on visualizing them. He meditates once a day in a quiet place. Setting goals and meditating has helped him achieve a lot, he says.

One trend that excites Dr. McKenna is the decreasing rate of smokers in the United States. One habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur is his habit of reading a lot. When asked what his worse job was, Dr. McKenna explained that he has always been an entrepreneur who has worked for himself, so he never had a bad job.

Dr. McKenna studied at Tulane University School of Medicine. He is the owner of Shape Medical Wellness Center. It is a center for weight loss and aesthetic medicine without surgery. They create programs based on the needs of each patient. Dr. McKenna is licensed in surgery and medicine. He is dedicated to serving the community.

Dr. McKenna is also an advocate for patients. He treats each patient with kindness and compassion. He also is the owner of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. It is a large firm that has over fifty employees and which deals with various real estate and finance issues.

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Equities First Holdings Australia

November 9th, 2017

Equities First Holdings began in 2002, and they have offices worldwide. For 15 years now, they have been very successful in attracting a plethora of clients and in gaining an enormously talented team of financial industry experts. And now with three locations in Australia, they have been experiencing even more astronomical growth.

Based in Sydney, Equities First Holdings is also located in Melbourne and Perth, Australia. This company recently expanded to Melbourne as of November 2016. Furthermore, they also have an Australian Financial Services License with Reference number- 387079, and their contact information in Australia is Suite 33.01, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW 2000.

Also, they encountered a huge transaction in Sydney in December 2016. This transaction includes providing funds to Environment Clean Technologies Limited (ECH) to develop a huge project in India that will be used in funding a $30 million development and research organization in India.

The Success Story of Lori Senecal

November 8th, 2017

Lori Senecal represents one of the women who are currently most successful in their career fields in the country. She attributes success in her career as associated with her early life as well as the success of her elder siblings serving as a source of motivation. Today, based on her success, she is living her dream life in her current career. After graduating from university with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori Senecal went ahead and became employed, and she had the ability to turn everything in her way into success. She is known for her amazing abilities to bring better states in numerous organizations and companies. Her passion in trying to bring the best out of people has made her a successful team leader in all organizations she has been working in.


Lori Senencal’s innovation and creativity drove her to create TAG ideation in the year 2003, which is a marketing platform that is mainly comprised of young people. Having been the source of the idea for the formation of this entity, she served as co-managing director of TAG ideation. Lori has been able to showcase her ability to analyze knowledge as she has worked successfully in multinational accounts.


According to GCReport, Lori has worked in great companies such as Sprint, Xbox and Nestle. She also served in the position of account director for Coca cola as well as the chief executive officer of DDB Worldwide. What makes Lori even more recognized in the world of business is her ability to make noticeable steps towards the success of the organization within a short time. This makes her services appeal to many employers who are interested in the fast transformation of their organizations or companies.

Lori Senecal’s innovativeness coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience in team building has rendered her work a touch of excellence in any organization she has served in. The most recent recognition she got with regard to her ability to impact on businesses faster was being put on the spot by Fast Company on the list of most creative people in business in 2017. Her ability to build a positive culture in the organization has impacted on the skills of employees positively.


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George Soros Journey to a Successful Hedge Fund Guru

November 6th, 2017

George Soros is known to be the world most philanthropic man. He has given away over $18 billion to people who have specific needs in the society. He has been on the frontline working with the success of so many people across the globe who are usually discriminated for who they are. His mission is to support organizations individuals fight for equality and justice, accountable and transparent government, promotion of freedom of expression and many others. He has worked tirelessly towards ensuring his found yields better results.

George Soros mission is spread out across the whole globe and mostly have been there for people who lack support from the community. He has supported sex workers, LGBTI people, and even drugs users. These are people who are usually discriminated for who they are, but George Soros have stood their ground towards ensuring that never again shall an innocent being be discriminated and read full article.

The great Soros was born in the year 1930 and has faced a lot of intolerance. As a Hungarian by birth, he encountered all manners of how an unstable government works. He and his family survived the Nazi Germany occupation that happened in years 1944 and 1945. Over 500,000 people who were Hungarian Jews were murdered. His family survived the ruthless attack after Tivadar, the dad secured false identification papers. He moved on to grow a great hero because of the people he helped escape the death. It is important to say that Soros came from a family that people looked up for help. He was so happy not that they survived but also because of they manged to help other people and learn more about George Soros.

After those communists got the power, Soros left the country for England whereby he enrolled for a degree in Philosophy. He joined the prestigious London School of Economics. During his time there, life was a bit tough and challenging thus he decided to look for the side hustle. He started working on the railways and also as a waiter so that he could manage to support his education. He was always committed, and his ultimate goal was to graduate with a masters degree which he attained in 1954 and more information click here.

George Soros after graduation, left for the US whereby he was to pursue his finance careers. He went to New York and started looking for jobs at American banks. It was quite challenging, but later he secured one at a bank whereby a fellow Hungarian happened to be the manager. He worked in the arbitrage department for two years and then a friend referred him to FM Mayer. He started working as a European Stock analyst and successfully got other better jobs. He later went on his own after he had mastered all the trading tricks. He made a lot of money within a concise time. Today he happens to be the proud owner of Quantum Fund Endowments which was initially called Soro Fund than to Soros Fund Management. It later changed its name to Quantum Fund. The company happens to be the largest hedge fund company in the history of America and Follow him


Clay Siegall Fight Against Cancer

November 5th, 2017

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics a biotechnology company located in Seattle, Washington, in the U.S., and an author of over 70 publications and 15 patents. Seattle Genetics is one of the largest biotechnology companies in Washington. Clay founded Seattle Genetics in the year 1998, and it has become a success with the motivation of one of his mentors in the laboratory who always encouraged him not to take a ‘No’ for an answer. Currently, Seattle Genetics has 900 employees with a market value of about $10 billion, with an ambition of adding another 200 employees and becoming a big pharm.

Clay worked for the National Institutes of Health and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, which gave him experience in research. Apart from working in his Company, Clay works for Alder Biopharmaceuticals as a member of the board of directors. Through his leadership, the company has been able to achieve its ambitions and success by being an emerging multiproduct, an oncology company in the globe.

Seattle Genetics has been able to provide antibody-based cancer therapies by studying, manipulating and packaging them as drugs. Seattle Genetics always invests in marketing and research to achieve its success and ambitions. Through the research they have carried out, they have been able to come up with a variety of drugs thus made it a bigger company.

Clay is always interested in marketing their new drugs in the international market than focusing on drug development. Because of his interest, they have been able to open an office in Switzerland for them to be able to do international marketing. Another evidence was when Clay put a bid to spend 2 billion dollars to get global rights to commercialize a particular cancer drug that was developed by New Jersey-based Immunomedics but was later denied by a judge.

Seattle Genetics has grown in the past years since its development, and recently it was able to make $418 million sales. That shows it will be able to make a bigger profit in the future. Some of the drugs that have resulted in the growth of this company are Adcetris that has been approved by FDA as a drug that can treat Hodgkin lymphoma, and it is used when patients do not get any response once they take any drugs. The drug is said to be used by oncologists once it proves its ability and it would result in almost 1billion dollar sales.

ADC is another drug that Seattle Genetics has focused on most, and it’s used to boost the production of antibodies, it’s known to kill cancer cells. Other drugs produced by Seattle Genetics are 33A, 22ME, and LIV1. These drugs have enabled this company to achieve its aimed success; especially to do away with cancer.

In as much as Clay loves making drugs, he says it’s never easy but tries to achieve his goals. He became a successful entrepreneur by using Art Levinson strategies he used in Genetech, especially the production of multi-products. Most investors turned him down, but he never gave up, but instead worked hard to achieve his success.

US Money Reserve Is Responsible For Hurricane Relief Fund

November 1st, 2017

This last August, Hurricane Harvey crashed hard on the coasts of Texas and left many homes destroyed and businesses suffering as a result. But many people have responded and relief funds have been started including one by US Money Reserve, one of the nation’s leading precious metals wholesale companies.

In this fund, US Reserve announced they were partnering with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to support victims of Harvey and matching donations up to $100,000 to anyone giving through the YouCaring donation. The fund which also was sponsored by the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt actually exceeded its goal of $20 million and reached $37 million.

US Money Reserve has been in the precious metal wholesale since the early 2000s and they have a wide variety of both newly minted bullion as well as commemorative coins. The reason US Money Reserve was founded was to give everyone a chance to protect their money in the event that the economy takes a turn for the worse. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

All kinds of things can impact the economy including hurricanes like Harvey, foreign wars and political turmoil, or even the US national debt. When you buy gold or silver, you now have an asset that can be used as legal tender that will not lose its value during economic hardship and that can also be sold when the economy stabilizes again. US Money Reserve is proud to help people understand how this works. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Glassdoor reveals that one reason US Money Reserve has a deep knowledge base at their company is that that their president, Philip N. Diehl is a former US Mint Director. In fact, he is the only former Mint Director who is now working in the private sector.

Diehl undertook a revamping of the Mint’s commemorative coin program which was losing profits at the time he was appointed, and by the middle of his term, Diehl had turned the Mint into one of the most profitable government agencies.

After leaving the Mint, he joined US Reserve because he liked their culture of integrity and he believed he could continue his work there. He has often spoken to financial publications and TV network hosts on CNBC, CNN and other business channels.

You can find publications put out by Diehl as well as other special deals on gold coins and other bullion by going to They also have live support agents available through their Client-Connect app.