End Citiznes United Begins Working To Target Its Big Money 20

January 5th, 2018

The season of goodwill may have arrived in December 2017 but for the End Citizens United PAC the fight to end an unfair and unsightly campaign financing system for elections in the U.S. goes on throughout the year. Around Thanksgiving, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller revealed the “Big Money 20” list of Republican targets the political action committee would be looking to compete with during the 2018 midterm elections and stated they were looking for a move towards unseating many big names with Democrats.

Despite the Holidays arriving and Washington D.C. bringing its year to a close, End Citizens United has used the last days of December 2017 to thrown the financial and political weight it has built up since 2015 to back Democrat Jay Hulings for the 23rd Congressional Seat in Texas; Hulings will be taking on a Republican, Will Hurd, named to the list of 20 politicians seen to have been furthering their own interests over that of their constituents in the view of End Citizens United.

The main aim of End Citizens United is to bring an end to the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United which gave billionaire donors and corporations the opportunity to provide almost unlimited funding to political parties and candidates of their choice. Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizens United struck such a chord with the public that the PAC found itself renting out its mailing list to the Presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Will Hurd has a number of reasons to be unhappy with his targeting by the End Citizens United PAC which has been testing out different strategies for creating the most successful campaign possible over the course of the 2018 elections; End Citizens United set out to develop a number of different options for encouraging a high turnout in favor of its chosen candidates including creating a campaign message based on the reform of election finances over the typical liberal message of Democrats.

The endorsement of End Citizens United is thought to be a major source of success for the former Federal prosecutor who will be able to share in the backing of the grassroots support of the traditional pack which is expected to reach $35 million by the start of the 2018 election campaigning season. Not only is Jay Hulings open to reforming the election financing system he is also fighting an election against a Republican who has become known for putting the needs of his wealthy donors first; Will Hurd not only voted for the Tax Reform Bill which recently passed Congress but has been known to support each measure introduced by Republicans with an eye on the billionaire donor class.

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Why Communication At White Shark Media Is the Best

December 29th, 2017

White Shark Media, a popular pay per click management service, says that they constantly take customer feedback into account in order to improve their services.

One complaint that they received often was that communication was not on the level that customers were expecting. Customers had to go through a receptionist, and it was sometimes hard to get in touch with the person who was advising them and managing their pay per click accounts. White Shark Media knows how important communication is. It is one of their top priorities.

What White Shark Media decided to do is to start using GoToMeeting to schedule appointments with their clients. Clients would attend an online meeting with their strategic advisor who would update them on the performance of their campaigns over the last thirty days. They would be able to see the screens that were shared by the strategist using the tools provided by GoToMeeting. This was very helpful in keeping clients up to date on what was going on with their campaigns. Many clients who had been with White Shark Media before they implemented this were effusive in their praise of this new procedure.

Another thing that White Shark Media decided to do was to give everyone who signed up a number with the personal extension of their contact person. This way, they did not have to go through a receptionist. They are now able to contact their contact person directly whenever they want. They are also given the extension of their contact person’s supervisor. This way, if they cannot get through to their contact person, or if they are having a problem with him or her, they can contact the supervisor and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

The OSI Group Brings New Opportunities In

December 12th, 2017

Since the OSI Group first started, they have done what they can to provide positive food opportunities for the clients they have. Now that they have clients like McDonald’s and Starbucks, they have to work even harder to make sure they are doing what they can to help their clients. They also have to make sure they are providing them the best food possible without any issues in the quality department. This is not truly a problem for the OSI Group, though. In fact, it has been something they have always been focused on since the beginning of company.

Starting out, they were small. They were a little company that offered some food products in a way that allowed them to work out of markets and actually help small businesses. Surprisingly, most of those businesses are still their clients. The OSI Group still continues to provide the small business service that comes along with the corporate convenience. That’s what has allowed them the chance to make sure they are actually helping all the people who they work with. They know what it takes to give everyone a chance at a positive experience and they know they need to do this in every way possible.

Even though the OSI Group has grown since they started their company, they know it will take a lot of work to be the best company in the industry. The industry has seen major changes and the OSI Group knew that when they started. It helps them make the best choices and gives them the opportunities they need to be successful. The OSI Group knows what they need to do so they can help their clients. They have stuck to their core mission since the beginning of the business and that is what has allowed them a positive experience with all clients.

The company is now an international one. It is a company that sees a lot of success and they have clients all around the world. Even though they are now active in the China market, they are going to continue to grow to get to other areas. The plans have always remained the same. They want to be the number one company in the entire food industry. To do this, they’ll have to make sure they are offering the most positive experience possible in every way they are working on different things.

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David Giertz Advises On Meaningful Retirement Planning

December 6th, 2017

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organization. He has over 31 years of expertise in the financial services industry in which he has continuously leveraged processes, strategy and innovation aimed at building profitable growth. Giertz is a holder of an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from the University of Millikin.

David started his work at Nationwide in 1999 as the Regional Vice President based in Miami, FL. He successfully improved the revenue in the Southeast Territory by 48%. Prior to 1999, he spent a 10 years at Citigroup. He started working as a Financial Services Advisor and saw himself been promoted continuously to working as the Executive Vice President of sales.

His take

David Giertz advises that one should be prepared for life after retirement. People should desist from rushing into early retirement without having prepared themselves with the crucial facts needed to go through it smoothly.

To prepare for retirement, the following questions are necessary:

 How does one secure a financially reliable retirement?

 Is investment the ticket to financial freedom?

 Does one have sufficient money for retirement?

 Which is the perfect retirement plan for an individual?

 How does one go about investing?

This questions aid as a kick start for the perfect retirement journey. Since they help to bring into the picture a fact that one needs enough money to last him/her the whole period. This can best be achieved by considering other income generating options before one retires.

David Giertz insists that it is important to plan for retirement early enough. This will help eliminate the chances of getting into a predicament when the time reaches. Investing and saving are good ways of ensuring that one will be financially stable even after retiring. However, one should consider keenly to do it perfectly.

OSI Industries, LLC: The Phenomenal Meat Products Company

December 4th, 2017

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky a German who had moved to Illinois two years earlier. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It has 60 facilities in 16 different parts of the world. The brand grew into Otto & Sons in 1928 and later changed to OSI in 1975. OSI current chairman and CEO is Sheldon Lavin, and the President is David Mc Donald. They have 100,000 employees in their facilities.

OSI deals with the distribution of value-added protein items and other food products. Its products include beef patties, hot dogs, bacon, sausages and chicken nuggets. It not only provides beef, pork, and poultry products but also offers food processors services. These services include; contract manufacturing, packaging and supply chain management.

OSI Group has had a long-standing relationship with the McDonald’s fast food outlet. They have been supplying beef patties for McDonald’s since 1955 and are currently still their largest distributors of beef patties. They are also among the most significant suppliers for the American food market.

OSI Industries, LLC was ranked at the 58th position in July 2016 by Forbes among the largest private companies. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK division was awarded the Globe of Honour Awards. This award is from the British Safety Council. They give this award to organizations who lead in the management of environmental. The companies awarded this prize have to meet a 5-star requirement to be nominated in this category and also impress an independent jury in their environmental management of risks. OSI had also been given this same award in 2013 and 2015.

Recently, OSI Industries, LLC bought a facility owned by Tyson Foods. This facility covers 200,000 square feet. This is in a bid to meet the demands of their growing clientele. This facility will go a long way in supporting the growth of their business.

Flagship Europe of Flagship Food Group was acquired by OSI. Flagship deals with supplying frozen poultry, sous vide products and pies. Their list of produce also includes sauces and dressings. An acquisition is more beneficial for both parties involved because their resources are now doubled by the coming together. They also gain a broader market by clientele increase. They are also better placed for new opportunities.

OSI is also continually looking for individuals starting out their careers in the food industry or those in search of a rapidly growing company. It focuses on such individuals and the growth of their talents.

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Dr. David Samadi-The Pioneer of SMART Surgery

December 4th, 2017

Dr. David B Samadi has earned a name for himself as a prostate cancer surgeon. Having performed over 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries, he is undisputedly one of the best prostate surgeons in New York. Samadi is also distinguished for his revolutionary SMART surgery technique which is executed using a da Vinci robotic system.


David Samadi was born and grew up in the Iran. In 1979, at the age of 15 years, Samadi accompanied by his younger brother left Iran to pursue education in Belgium. Samadi later went to the United States where he completed his high school education and later graduated with a degree in biochemistry. He went on to earn his MD at the Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994.

Samadi studied urology and proctology and by 2000, he was through with an oncology fellowship in proctology. He later went to a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in France which he completed in 2002.

Samadi landed his first job at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before joining Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2007 as the Vice Chair of the Urology Department and the Head of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Samadi was reported as New York City’s highest paid doctor in 2012. He was earning $7.6 million. In 2013, Dr. David Samadi moved to Lenox Hill Hospital where he currently serves as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the Chair of Urology. He was also appointed as a Professor of Urology at LIJ
School of Medicine.

David Samadi’s Interview With Ideamensch

In an interview by Ideamensch, Samadi disclosed information about a new surgery technique he was working on. The technique dubbed, “Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique” abbreviated as “SMART”,goes against the norms of getting rid of prostate. Many surgeons use a procedure known as “nerve sparing prostate surgery” to peel off nerves before getting rid of the prostate. This can result in serious side effects such as impotence and incontinence. This is one of the reasons many men take long
before they seek treatment.

Dr. David Samadi’s approach is aimed at separating the prostadiscte with microscopic precision to prevent damage to the sphincter and nerves. Samadi is looking forward for this technique to be proven and published.

When asked to explain one strategy he can attribute to his prosperity, Samadi said that it was the fact that he gives 200 percent to each of his patients. He explained how his patients had his phone number and complete access to him 24 hours a day. He also noted that the special floor he designed for his patients was ranked the highest in Manhattan on a patient satisfaction survey conducted by Press Ganey. According to Samadi the trust that his patients have in him is the reason for his success as a surgeon.

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Nathaniel Ru Has A Formula for Sweetgreen’s Success

November 30th, 2017

In a recent article posted to Fortune, the Sweetgreen brand is discussed with co founder and co CEO Nathaniel Ru. He said the driving force behind the concept was the desired to provide people with better food.

Most of the food on the market was highly processed and lacking nutrition. One of the factors behind the success of Sweetgreen is the ability for upper management to connect with the people working behind the counters and in the kitchens. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

They take time off several times per year to work side by side with the average employee to get an idea of how the business is working internally and on the front line. Nathaniel says that the company does not believe in a large headquarters with a great amount of upper management. They like to key the numbers small and stay in touch with the employees.

Nathaniel Ru met his now partner in Sweetgreen, Jonathan Neman at Georgetown University undergraduate business school. Since the first store opened in 2007, the chain has managed to open 72 stores all over the country.

In total, the company has over 1,700 employees and is continuing to grow. Nathaniel Ru takes a very hands on approach to his methods of management and promotion and spends most of his time working closely with the employees that manage the day to day functions of the restaurants.

From having a meager start up of around $375,000, that company has managed to earn over $95 million in the last ten years.

Nathaniel Ru is also into heavily promoting their brand via music festivals and music artists, which is a relatively new concept for this type of establishment. In fact, the company has their own festival called The Sweetlife Festival which features food, music, and a sense of community.

Nathaniel Ru contributes the success of the chain to a variety of factors including the timing of their openings on the market, as well as the location of each business. He says there is a specific formula to which they adhere, to gain the maximum potential from each store. He also attributes some of the success to the atmosphere and appearance of the restaurants.

They are modern, clean, and people can clearly see the food being prepared. This formula has propelled the company to become one of the most successful food chains in recent times, and the Sweetgreen brand is projected to continue to see growth and success.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Addressing Social Protection

November 27th, 2017

About 250 million people live outside their host countries. Many of these migrants left their homes in pursuit of a better life. However, they face several challenges while in the other countries including discrimination based on their nationality status. Whether legal or illegal, immigrants face almost similar challenges. An immigrant experiences difficulties in accessing social security, healthcare, education, and other services.

Some countries have assumed the mantle of assuring these rights to all including migrants while others do not have any specifications on the same. Social protection encompasses the right to social, political, and economic choices.

The ICES passed by the UN General assembly advocates for the equal right to social protection regardless of one’s status. Human and migrant rights groups also champion for social inclusion in all aspects. Further, the human, migrant, and civic rights organizations work with the people at the grassroots to educate them about their rights. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Arizona-based Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is in the forefront pushing for the rights of the minority in the area. Founded by media executives Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the Frontera Fund partners with and supports numerous organizations in Arizona and other neighboring regions.

As longtime residents of Arizona, Mike and Jim were aware of the problems facing the Latino community and other minorities. Before the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, Jim and Mike used their columns in the Phoenix New Times to address the social issues facing their community.

They penned an article that highlighted the injustices committed by the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office led by Joe Arpaio as well as the illegal detention of minorities. The Sheriff’s office detained the two media executives because of the publications.

Nevertheless, Mike and Jim pursued legal action and received $3.75 million as compensation. They used the settlement money to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera funds sponsor several cultural and arts festival that showcase the heritage of the immigrants. Among the events sponsored is the El Dia de Los Muertos Phoenix held on October 29th, 2017 at the Indian Steele Park.

Lacey and Larkin also support education initiatives for undocumented students through the Arizona Dream Act Coalition. The youth-led Arizona Dream Act Coalition champions for education rights, cheaper tuition fees, and human rights.

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights also actively defends the rights of refugees and immigrants despite their immigration status. Since 1986, NNIRR has relentlessly called for equal social and economic rights and works closely with other human rights groups to ensure equality.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s mission is to defend all individual rights as enshrined in the Constitution and laws of the US. ACLU offers legal representation for minorities and also lobbies for policies. Founded in 1920, ACLU began as a movement advocating for freedom of speech for striking workers and artist.

The ACLU also works with organizations like the National Association of Colored People to end discrimination.

Immigrants bring their expertise, knowledge, and diversity to the host country. Governments should work on providing legislation that protects their fundamental rights.

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Holds Luncheon for Local Women’s Foundation

November 27th, 2017

Nexbank is a financial institution based in Dallas, Texas that has recently announced itself as being a sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation’s 32nd annual luncheon. With a donation of $100,000, Nexbank will provide support for the foundation which will help advance the economic security and leadership for women. The luncheon was scheduled to be held on Friday October, 20th at the Hilton Anatole Hotel located in Dallas. At the luncheon, a keynote address will be featured. The address will be made by one of the most influential people for TIME Magazine Dr. Hope Jahren. This individual is among the top award winning scientists and bestselling authors. During the address, 20 schools and 10,000 students across North Texas will be able to listen to it through livestream.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation holds the luncheon every year. Each time the event is held, the foundation invites a number of community leaders, business executives and civic leaders to attend. One of the most notable characteristics of the Dallas Women’s Foundation is that it is among the world’s largest women’s funding group. It is also a trusted leader advancing positive change for females in both social and economic endeavors. By holding an annual luncheon, the Dallas Women’s Foundation will often be in position to reveal its progress as well as get inspirational advice from top leaders in the community.

A top participant in this annual luncheon is Nexbank. This organization is a regional bank that has assets of $6.4 billion. The bank was founded back in 1922 and has established itself as one of the top financial institutions in Texas. With this bank, a number of customers can take advantage of services in the commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. The bank serves a variety of clients such as institutional clients, corporations and other financial institutions. Nexbank is also part of the entity known as Nexbank Capital Inc.

Over the years, Nexbank has been one of the leading financial institutions in the southern region of the United States. Each year the bank provides assistance to individuals and businesses that are looking to more efficiently manage their finances. The bank lends money to individuals who are seeking to start a business, finance a home and purchase a vehicle. It also allows them to open up checking and savings accounts as well. When it comes to serving businesses, Nexbank provides loans to companies that are in need of funding to start up or expand. Businesses can also open up accounts to store their funds as well.

The Tenure of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

November 22nd, 2017

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He is a global food executive who joined OSI Group in 1970 after initiating the financing of the Illinois-based Otto & Sons Company, which eventually changed its name to OSI Group. Over time, Sheldon Lavin became a shareholder at OSI Group. His vision for OSI Group has always been to transform it from a local food processor to a global powerhouse. OSI Group operates its meet processing franchise as a family. While there are administrative duties, policies, and regulations to follow within the meat industry, OSI Group’s approach has been family oriented.

OSI Group has continued to foster a free working atmosphere where everyone is allowed to air their grievances. In fact, the company’s executives usually take their lunch together. Besides, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has an open door policy, and the corporate office always pays attention to everyone. Supervisors and operational managers don’t have to address Sheldon Lavin by any formal terms. Mr. Sheldon Lavin attributes success to the company’s talented and loyal employees’ that enforces his nurturing streak. OSI Group currently has approximately 20,000 employees across the globe.

In the future, Mr. Sheldon Lavin hopes to grow OSI Group into a profitable world-class organization. Mr. Sheldon Lavin believes that the next generation of talented and energetic employees at OSI Group will propel it further even after his retirement. The company currently runs over 70 facilities in 17 countries. Its products include sauces, baked products, protein products, and vegetables. OSI Group also fosters a strong commitment to giving back to society by supporting various charitable causes.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin started working as a global food executive 43 years ago. He previously worked in the investment and banking sector. Mr. Lavin has executed all his acquisitions and joint ventures strategically. With a deep sense of purpose, Mr. Sheldon Lavin firmly believes in the art of green innovation. In 2016, his global food processing firm ranked 58th on the Forbes list of the leading food processing plants. Today, he takes pride in that OSI Group’s culture has remained uniform and cohesive despite language, political, and geographical barriers. Aged 85, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has no signs of retiring anytime soon. He remains committed to promoting sustainable business practices, reducing environmental impact, and making socially responsible contributions to workers and the surrounding communities. He also has a passion for charitable organizations that are involved in improving education and alleviating chronic illnesses.

Sheldon Lavin’ Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin