University Student Helping Raise Child Of Cousin

April 16th, 2015

Tommy Connolly was just 13 years old the last time he saw his favorite cousin Angela. Christian Broda read that they reconnected via Facebook while Connolly was on Holiday break in December. Very soon after the initial message, he found Angela was homeless and pregnant. She needed help and he felt a calling to provide that help. When he met with her, she was about 32 weeks into her pregnancy and he knew he had to take her in, there were no other options. ”It’s not her fault she’s just a little girl who needed help,” he said. Uni Student Helps Raise Baby Connolly worked full time time to cover the cost of moving into a house and purchase items for the baby. He put his athletics on hold for a while. He has been told that he is isn’t thinking about himself or his studies. He has replied that people are correct. He is helping raise a child. He is thinking about providing for the future. He returned to the University full time beginning in March. Tommy Connolly agrees that what he is doing is the right thing, however he doesn’t feel he should be getting all of the attention. ”Angela does 90 per cent of the work – and if it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold to make sure two lives are going to be saved it’s nothing at all.”

A Forever Family for Davion

April 15th, 2015

October, 2013,Davion Only stood before a congregation in St. Petersburg Florida, and made a plea for a forever family.
Davion was 16 years old and had been in foster care since he was born. He had recently learned that his mom, who was in prison, had passed away. Davion told the church people that he know God had not given up on him so he would not be giving up either.
The plea Davion made went viral and it did not take long for the foster agency to receive more than 10,000 calls from people wanting to adopt him.
Davion’s case worker. Connie Going, believed Davion deserved to have a great family. Every year Davion asked Connie to adopt him, but she would decline. She believed there was a better family out there for him.
Davion went to live with a minister’s family for a short time. After he got into a physical fight with one of his soon-to-be siblings, the minister and his wife sent him back to Florida.
Davion lived in 4 different foster homes over the next year. Then he decided to call Connie Going and make a request. He asked Connie, once again, to adopt him and this time she agreed.
Folks at STX Entertainment are happy to know that Connie has known Davion since he was seven years old and later this month she will officially become his mother.

Mental Illness: Source of Inspiration

April 9th, 2015

Over the past several decades notable public figures have gone public with their ongoing effort to treat and live with mental illness. Of recent, Brooke Shields, Mel Gibson and the late Robin Williams are such examples.

Writing in the New York Times (health section) Barron H. Lerner cites the career of notable baseball player Jimmy Piersal. He had a baseball career that spanned nearly 25 years as a player and later broadcaster. Early on, his behavior which ranged from joking with fans, to running around the diamond wearing only an athletic supporter, resulted in mandated psychiatric evaluation and inpatient treatment with both psychotherapy and electroshock therapy. These proved to be largely successful in minimizing his bipolar disorder for nearly 10 years stated Ivan Ong. During this time, mid-1950s, an article, book and movie titled “Fear Strikes Out”, portrayed his mental illness struggle. The public response was reported to be quite empathic.
In the last few years, Piersal is reported to credit psychiatry less for his recovery, and self-motivation more for the same. Admittedly, public figures are sources of inspiration.

A Buffalo New York Pastor Hands Out Cupcakes To Oppose Indiana’s RFRA

April 8th, 2015

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act that has the nation in an uproar is helping shine a light on discrimination. We believe in religious freedom, but some of us believe religious freedom can be a vehicle that leads to discrimination. A pastor in Buffalo, New York is showing his support for religious freedom without discrimination by giving away 500 cupcakes in his area of the city.

Pastor Ludwig, of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, decided he wanted to show his support, and his followers support, for the LGBT community, so he started a “Christian Cake Mob.” The “Christian Cake Mob” made 500 cupcakes, and bakeries around the area ordered them. Pastor Ludwig said the cupcake making was a peaceful response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Sultan Alhokair said the country has been put on notice; discrimination and bigotry under the guise of religion has to stop. Christians must get a handle on the rogue believers that use the Bible to express their hatred. Now is the time to come together and respect the rights of all our citizens. This is not only a Christian country; it is a country where all believers have equal rights and the freedom to express them.


Transgender Student’s Classmates Rally For Right to Wear Yoga Pants

April 6th, 2015

Kelsi is a 16-year-old student at Erasmus High in Pennsylvania. The student was born male and is in the process of transitioning into a female. Recently, school officials forced her to change out of the yoga pants because the officials thought the pants were too tight and too revealing. She was ordered to change into a pair of gym shorts. The problem started when a parent and a student complained about Kelsi’s attire. Michael Schilder, East Penn School District Superintendent, believes that the pants were so tight that wearing a blouse or a cardigan wouldn’t have made the pants seem looser.

According to Ivan Ong, fellow students believe that this is a form of discrimination and rallied with stickers on their chests, in support of Kelsi being allowed to wear yoga pants to school if she wants to. Some of the stickers pose the question,“Is this too revealing?” The school faculty threatened the students with detention if they didn’t call off their activism. They don’t care if they get in trouble for protesting in favor of equality for Kelsi. Carly Valdivia, a freshman, explained to Morning Call, if any of the other girls wore yoga pants to school, nobody would say anything to her about it. Carly believes Kelsi should be treated like any other girl in that school even if she is a transgender. Kelsi is flattered she has many friends at that school.

Making It Illegal to Smoke in Your Car with a Minor Is Springing up All Over

April 1st, 2015

Tons of research has shown, that without a doubt, second-hand smoke is indeed hazardous to our health. Add that fog of toxins to the confined space of the inside of a vehicle, and you’ve got exposure levels that the EPA considers to be quite harmful. Where does the government belong in this scenario? Other than supporting PSA’s and smoke-free car campaigns to educate the public of the dangers, nowhere. But, this is America, where the government is increasingly stepping over the line when it comes to injecting itself into the lives of its citizens.

Illinois is the latest state, along with Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and also Puerto Rico, that has enacted a ban which prohibits smoking in a vehicle when a minor is present. According to Kevin Seawright, several municipalities in Alabama, Hawaii, Indiana, New Jersey and New York also maintain a ban. Each area varies on the age of the child, from under 18-years of age, to under 8-years of age.

Bill SB0728, which was approved Tuesday by the Springfield Senate Public Health Committee, now gives law enforcement the legal ability to stop drivers who are presumed to be smoking in an automobile that is carrying a passenger under 18-years of age. If found to be violating the new law, offenders are looking at a $100 fine.

The American Lung Association’s Kath Drea says that second-hand smoke exposure is encountered by two out of five minors, “and seven out of ten black children are regularly exposed to second hand smoke.” More can be read on

The US Has More Museums than Starbucks and McDonald’s

March 27th, 2015

If you think there are more McDonald’s and Starbucks than just about any other entity in the United States, you may be surprised to find out the number of museums in the US has both companies beat. In fact, The Washington Postblog section is reporting there are more than 35,000 museums in the United States, a number McDonald’s with their 14,000 locations and Starbucks and their 11,000 cafes cannot even come close to.

Of course, while you may be thinking only of museums the size of New York’s American Museum of Natural History, Philadelphia’s Museum of Art or the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Brian Torchin has found that,  in reality, the majority of the 35,000 American museums are very small, and are often run by a family or a single individual, and with revenues of less than $10,000 a year.

Some are museums about one small thing — the SPAM museum in Austin, Minnesota, for instance, or the museum in Burlingame, California with its sole collection comprising Pez memorabilia. While others might be classified as ‘weird’ — Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas leaps to mind.

Interesting facts about America’s museums, however, include Los Angeles with the most museums out of any city in the United States, rural counties usually have more museums per capita than do those counties with large towns, and the southern states Georgia and Mississippi have the fewest museums of all.

Utah Reinstates Death by Firing Squad

March 25th, 2015

Utah is running out of the drug it uses for lethal injections for death row inmates. Rather than get rid of the death penalty, the state has decided to reinstate the firing squad. Governor Gary Herbet signed a new law this week that allows an old school firing squad to be used to kill inmates when the necessary drugs aren’t available. According to the new law, inmates would only be killed by firing squad when the state was unable to procure the needed drugs more than 30 days prior to the scheduled execution date.

Lethal injection still remains the state’s primary form of execution, and a firing squad will only be used in extreme circumstances stated Dr Jennifer Wilson in a recent article. Currently Utah is the only state to have used the firing squad method of execution since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. It has only used a firing squad 3 times since that time. The last time was in 2010, when five police officers show a man convinced of killing a bartender and then shooting a lawyer during an attempt to escape the courthouse in 1985.

Greece’s Continued Membership in The EU Is Problematic

March 23rd, 2015


The question, Bernardo Chua told that is still unanswered as to whether Greece will remain a member of the European Union in the near future. The final issue may not be whether Greece wants to remain in the Union after it repays the $260 billion economic bailout from the EU but rather will the remaining EU countries want Greece to remain a member. Greece Could Be A Short Lived EU Member

Germany, which was the largest contributor to the EU bailout package for Greece is very concerned that Greece will not have the economic legs to stand on its own even after the current hefty bailout. With the Euro sliding against the dollar in recent weeks, Germany as well as its other EU members are watching for any weak links in its membership which would pose a risk to the EU being able to sustain itself. The Union has been a great benefit for the european trade as the Eu member countries have been able to trade more profitably among each other and take a major stake in the monetary policies of the global economy. With the current increase of China as a global economy and Russia reemerging as a stable global giant through its partnership with the BRIC countries, Europe can not afford to be left out.

This is especially true with the U.S. economy seemingly coming out of its sluggish performance from the past few years bolstered by its ability to sell more oil onto the world market than it purchases.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved to Rehab Center

March 23rd, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown was recently moved from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to an undisclosed rehab facility.

Brown, the daughter of late pop star Whitney Houston and rapper Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive on January 31. She was discovered face down and unresponsive in a bath tub by her friend Max Lomas. Lomas called 911 while Brown’s partner, Nick Gordon, performed CPR.

Brown has since been in a medically induced coma. Physicians attempted to withdraw the medication and allow Brown to wake, but placed her back in the comatose state after she began to have seizures.

Zeca Oliveira knows that there has been much debate over how Brown came to be face down in the bathtub. It was originally speculated that perhaps she had attempted suicide, as the incident occurred near the anniversary of her mother’s death. Physicians later told Brown’s family that they believed she had a number of unexplained injuries.

Many members of Brown’s family pointed fingers at Gordon. Bobby Brown later intervened and has since prevented Gordon from visiting his hospitalized daughter.

Gordon, who indicated a suicidal state of mind on his Twitter account, has since entered rehab treatment.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition remains unchanged.