George Soros China Experiencing 2 Year Affluence Just Like The US In 2005 And 2006

April 29th, 2016

Leaders from China think that Soros is not right about the country experiencing global recession; Soros, however, supports his point by saying that despite the affluence that China is experiencing now there is about to be a crisis. The first two years of crisis on are all affluence and might be ignored but are similar to the global recession of the United States which was not evident in the two years before the crisis. However stability is a great sign of the recession happening; Chinas banks are experiencing instability; some are surviving from other banks loans whereas others are delivering more money to borrowers than they are receiving from depositors. This problem can be deferred for two years but after the two years will be already exponentially grown crises similar to that of the Europeans markets in 2008.

China could say that George Soros has made such predictions in the past but is not admitting to the fact that there are problems with decreased assets and increased liabilities in the country. Soros, however, appreciates how China is trying to solve this by creating market interactions with other currencies apart from the dollar. The real estate business on is performing well but to Soros this is just like a parabolic cycle; where past instability problems if left unsolved will lead to major financial problems In the future. China’s Yuan has also not been performing very well in the market. The resurgence in borrowing from the country to George may not augur very well for the future.
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It is easy to agree with Soros considering his long-term experience in the investment world. His writing furthermore has been very useful for many global investors. George Soros has an art in detecting the progress of the European market commodity trade; Soros Fund Management has been performing very well in the commodity market and as a hedge fund. One of his advice to investors is avoiding independent investing; whereby investors do not check the performance of other investors in the market. In his opinion it is wise to follow the heard; so when sinking you don’t sink alone.

After the Berlin war, Soros-founded Central European University on to help youths in understanding critical thinking. He has also been a great philanthropist with his Open Society Foundations which has over time been a great platform to help countries shift from communism. Now, the Open Society Foundations is a great player in promoting democracy, human rights respect and discouraging the ownership of truth by ruling governments. His foundation has also facilitated education for youths on to avoid radicalization into terror groups. Also, the scholarships have been through to South Africa to help curb the apartheid rule by the government. As a philanthropist and an independent thinker, Soros has been a major player in investment and the political transformation world.

Kyle Bass: Brief Glory at the Top and Subsequent Downfall

April 21st, 2016

Kyle Bass was born in the year 1969 in Miami Florida. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in and graduated with a BA of business administration in the finance and real estate finance in the year 1992 from the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in the United States.

Kyle Bass is the founder of the Hayman Capital Management which is based in Dallas in the year 2006. His brief glory was when he predicted the collapse of mortgage in the year 2008. His brief stint at the top was coupled with the sense that people saw him as a genius and some kind of a superstar.

He however has made quite a number of blunders that have impacted negatively on him. The notable one to state was when he blamed the deaths of innocent people who had died as a result of defective airbags in the vehicles manufactured by General Motors stating that the passengers were either drunk or had not worn seatbelts. This response was made by him through his role as an investor in the General Motors Company and was seeking to maximize his profits as an investor and thus blaming the deaths from the defective airbags on the passengers.

His other bad idea that has impacted on his career that has been going down is the association he has had with the Argentinean president whose economy has been dwindling with the country defaulting on its repayment of the sovereign debt for the second year in a row. His alliance with her has earned him negative publicity that has impacted to him losing more than 30 percent of his following.

Kyle Bass has also been making money in the pharmaceutical sector at the expense of the lives of many people who want to get medication. The pharmaceuticals promise good medication through research which they would fund but their main aim is to rake in profits.

In an interview recently Kyle Bass asks Americans to withdraw money from their accounts and leave it at home or put it in the mattress going by his prediction in the negative interest rates in the United States. He supports Hillary as the presidential contender as compared to Donald Trump Stating that she is the most ‘sane’ candidate.

In his interview he made a series of remarks about the nature of Chinas economy which he thinks is in the verge of going down. He says that United States is better off as compared to 2006 when he predicted the going down of mortgages.Kyle Bass no longer commands respect and audience has he did back in 2006.

Dick DeVos: A Man of the People

April 19th, 2016

Dick DeVos is a person that might be incredibly wealthy, but he is worth much more than that. He is about being a man of the people, creating things, and helping out others. He isn’t all about himself. So many people gain wealth and we hear how they become broke, lose money, and spend it on things they don’t even need or want. That is not the case with Dick DeVos. His riches come from being a entrepreneur-businessman. That means he earned it the hard work, working his way up to the top. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has stayed a Michigan man his whole life. He has stayed true to his roots, which shows that he knows where he came from and how it helped to shape into the person that he is today.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and even spent time at Harvard Business School as well. This shows a man that is looking to expand his horizons and learn as much as possible. He understands that knowledge is power. Even as a little boy, his parents raised him the right way in terms of how to greet people and be respectful. Money has not changed him or how he views the world. All that it has done is afford him the opportunity to help others, which is the greatest thing we can do in this world.

His latest contribution to the world comes courtesy of his wife Betsy DeVos. He has made sure it is a vital part of his life in all avenues. His wife is someone that is a wonderful woman that also cares about others and it is easy to see why her and her husband get along so well. They have the same vision for helping others. Currently, they are fighting for school reform. They understand the importance of education.

Education helps shape young minds and gets them ready for the future and helps them become successful and ready for whatever life throws their way. They are ready, willing, and able to take it on because they have all of the tools at their disposal. Betsy and Dick do not want any child to go without education. After all, children are our future, and if they can gain education and information, nothing can stop them if they put their minds to it.

Chef Ponstay’s Remarkable Work At Brian Bonar’s Restaurant, The Bellamy’s

April 18th, 2016

The ambiance and serenity of the hills of Escondito makes Chef Patrick Ponstay think of home. The native of Touluse, France has done a wonderful job of transforming The Ranch, which is located at Bandy Canyon.

He has turned the haven for events into a dining destination similar to the gites of France. Ponstay has achieved much success while catering for Bellamy’s, a downtown Escondito restaurant. It is made of a fascinating 1880’s adobe structure.

The property was remade as a sanctuary for farm driven cooking. Ponstay’s assortment of vintage Armagnac as well as a refined menu coupled with his lyrical cooking is hosted at this property.

Ponstay has offers excellent services similar to those provided by Keller. His abilities saw his earn the high-status of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France title in 2012. He is second person to earn the distinction in S.D and tenth in California. Chef Ponstay’s presence at Bellamy’s has played a key role in helping The Ranch take shape. With a couple of redesigns, Bellamy’s is currently a place where people can enjoy different delicacies.

The impeccable menu has contributed to the success experienced at Bellamy’s. Some of the easy to get meals are local mushrooms and sea scallops offered in a lightly scented carpaccio, quenelle of magenta hued farm beet sorbet accompanied by watercress filaments and a disk of goat cheese. In addition, one will find a duck sauvage, Spanish hare, wild boar, cherry spiked glateu as well as gentle caneles from Bordeaux and a plenty of other French cuisines.

Ponstay’s classic cooking abilities defined his time at El Bizcocho. During this period, Ponstay guided wonder kid, Gaving Kaysen. He coached him to rank third in the world during the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry, which was held in Paris.

Renowned business executive, Brian Bonar, owns Bellamy’s. Owing to his busy schedule, Bonar has delegated the day-to-day running of the business to his stepdaughter, Gianna Pickens, a great fan of Ponstay. San Diego Magazine says that under Brian Bonar’s leadership, Bellamy’s now fits well with the culture and style of the city. In the recent past, Bellamy’s has had a great impact in the area.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive having a strong record of accomplishment in financial undertakings. He has held senior positions in multiple firms. Brian has co-founded a number of leading companies. Currently, he is a director at Dalrada Financial Corporation, a firm he has served in different capacities since the early 1990s.

Apart from Dalrada, Brian Bonar has also worked at Bezier Systems Inc, Rastek Corporation, Adaptec Inc. and QMS Inc. Additionally, Brian has worked with IBM, UK for over 17 years. Brian Bonar is one of the most experienced finance managers in the globe.

The Best Investing Advice for 2016

April 7th, 2016

As the economy slips back into what could be a recession, a lot of people that are planning for retirement want to know what they can do to take control of their portfolios. A lot of people that have been downsized from jobs are looking for a way to roll over 401K plans and improve their return on investments. This is why is so important to secure a retirement plan consultant that can help your build a better strategy.

Laidlaw & Company is one of those investment banking firms that many people will turn to when they need investment advice. Laidlaw & Company has become one of the most reliable firms according to for individuals that have a portfolio that needs to be managed. This company has become very instrumental in helping a lot of individuals that are looking for the best possible way to maximizing their funds without losing a lot of money. Laidlaw & Company makes it easy to trust the reputation of the staff because the company has more than 170 years of experience.

The financial consultants at Laidlaw have become very important resources to a large majority of people that have no clue about what they are going to do for their retirement plans. The consultants here can give advice about dollar cost averaging for those people that do not have a lot to invest. People that are looking for index funds can get information about the S&P 500 and other international index funds like the Brazil Index Fund. Laidlaw & Company is an international investment banking company and is SEC registred so the amount of resources for retirement are endless.

Investing can be a very challenging thing according to the Wall Street Journal, so it makes a lot of sense for the investors that are new to get sound advice. People that are planning for the long-term need to know about the volatile markets that lie ahead. Financial consultants know about the investments that people should hold on to and the investments that are not worth keeping. This plays a big part in long-term investing strategies. It could be the difference between a good and bad portfolio.


Family Is The Best Reason For Investing In Precious Metals With US Money Reserve

April 5th, 2016

You’ve probably heard the saying “the Gold standard.” Well, that saying used to mean something. The gold standard on refers to the fact that the US used to back up all of its currency with actual gold stored at military bases throughout the country. But the US has moved away from the gold standard to something called a FIAT money system, where the money circulating the country is meaningless; it has no gold backing its value.

That is scary, right? Look at the bailout of 2008. The financial industry messed up and that could have led to a the devaluing of the dollar because the dollar’s value is determined by factors that are out of your control. So the government had to step in and use your tax money to save the banks and therefore the economy on If I were you, I would stop putting value into paper money. That money could change value in an instant, and all your hard work making it will be wasted.

They understand all of these mechanisms over at the US Money Reserve. It is a group of people who realize that you can win or lose in this game called capitalism due to events out of your control. That is why they got together to bring the value of gold, silver and platinum to you. Owning these precious metals according to US Money Reserve could allow you to weather the next financial catastrophic because, unlike paper money, these metals never lose value. In fact, they grow in value over time.

You could be autonomous with the US Money Reserve. You could “go off the grid” with your wealth by converting it to precious metals that never lose value. You won’t have to depend on the volatile FIAT monetary system that the US now employs. Of course, the reasons that you should convert some of your wealth to precious metals are many. That is why the people over at the US Money Reserve have created informational videos and pamphlets that you can order. It’s everything you need to know about wealth conversion.

But the best reason for investing in precious metals in US Money Reserve is family. The way the economy works now is not the way the economy will work in the future. You can set your family up for long term peace of mind through intelligent investment in precious metals. And when your family is taken care of, you can finally sit back and enjoy life.

Slyce’s Newest Developments Include Universal Scanner

March 25th, 2016

With so many new companies on the rise and tons of competition in most tech markets, I always turn to Yahoo Finance for my news on companies to see how they are growing. Yahoo Finance released an official report that breaks down how one of my favorite tech companies is doing in their market. Slyce has been dominating the visual search industry by improving the tech features behind their platform, and they continue to grow. These changes spark new relationships. These relationships include new ties to retailers that will work with Slyce to offer their products to consumers. The new relationships in the Yahoo Finance article also include a lead investor that bought $3.5 million units of Slyce.

Tech Developments At Slyce

The good news over at Slyce is that they have been developing a slew of new products to improve the function of their application. The application is free for users to download. It provides an easy, safe way to search for products that users want to purchase online without the draw back of conducting lengthy searches by using keywords. Slyce allows users to simply snap a picture of an object in their surrounding to be used to conduct the visual search. Alternatively, users can take a picture of a barcode, or they can capture a picture of another picture, like a print ad, for instance.

The feature that Slyce has unleashed in October of 2015 is called Universal Scanner, and it allows users to take a picture of more than just the object. Users now have the ability to snap a picture of a barcode, QR code or a picture of the object in 2D. This feature makes Slyce easier to use and more robust.

Other Highlights From The Report

There were several other highlights mentioned in the Yahoo Finance report. The CEO made some interesting comments about the growth and sustainability of Slyce. Also, several new relations between Slyce and major retailers were discusses in the article from Yahoo Finance.

Business Administration Through Solo Capital

March 16th, 2016

Business owners face challenges on a daily basis. Most of them have to get up in the morning with several things they are supposed to do. They meet with employees to discuss the daily progress in production and performance, go over previous week’s expense reports, call the bank to find out the status of a recent loan request, meet with department heads to discuss things and ways to improve them and so on. What business owners need to do is delegate these tasks, at least some of them, to a reliable management company like Solo Capital.

Solo Capital, founded by Sanjay Shah, is an investment banking firm that oversees millions of dollars in investment and offer a wide range of products and services such as personal finance management, asset management, asset administration, underwriting, mergers and acquisitions. It is much more pleasant when a company such as this is managing the drudgery tasks of a business. It is also an important opportunity for business owners to tend to other important tasks and to network as well. If there is an item on the ‘to do’ list of a business that is being put off for some time, Solo Capital can take care of it. If business owners are facing uncertainty regarding banking institutions, Solo Capital will handle procurement of loan without wasting time. They will make the calls and find the bank with the best loan terms for their clients as well.

For any business, the longer the above mentioned tasks don’t get done, the more issues will occur. Postponing the things that the business doesn’t want to do is nothing but a sign that it is in denial. Solo Capital is designed to tackle the issues head-on and get it over with. If those issues are not tackled on time, businesses will soon be seeing red ink. The signs will obviously start to emerge. Businesses that are not well handled or run efficiently will have to live day to day to cover operational costs. Facing up to reality has never been easy but with Solo Capital, help is on the way. As it did with other clients, it will put the right service for your needs and budget in place. This will assess the business’s strength and weaknesses and help in the overall performance and production. This way all employees will be performing the way they should be. They are hired to tell the business what is wrong, how good it is and what should be done to make things work for the long run. In essence, Solo Capital is the right company to seek support and guidance for business administration irrespective of the size, type and form of business.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation Plan Ruled Not Viable

March 11th, 2016

The community of Lake Tahoe has had it rough over the last four years. According to an article published on the Reno-Gazette Journal, it all started with a drought that took a serious toll on winter resorts in the area.

Additionally, the community was also dealing with a very serious political challenge as an organization known as Incorporation Drive was fighting tooth and nail to get the city incorporated.

According to Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, “This has been a very, very tough four years.”

The good news is things started to slowly but surely change. Thanks to Mother Nature providing some much needed help in the form of early storms and cold temperatures, Tahoe area resorts were able to open several weeks early.

Even better is the fact backers of the incorporation effort decided to withdraw their petition after California officials determined their plan wasn’t viable.

Wirth believes if plans to incorporate were approved, the community would have experienced a fiscal disaster. Not only would taxes have gone higher, but important services such as road maintenance and snow plowing would have all but stopped.

When asked about incorporation efforts, Wirth was quoted as saying, “It was truly a recipe for disaster, for fiscal disaster. This was a fundamental long term threat to operating a business, whether it be a wine bar or a ski area in this valley.”

To help stop incorporation efforts, Wirth and his company put up hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight it. Those who supported incorporation efforts believe Wirth’s motives were self motivating.

According to Fred Ilfield, organizer of incorporation drive, the reason Wirth was willing to spend so much to oppose incorporation efforts was because he didn’t want to have to answer to a Town Council.

Wirth of course denied this was the case and pointed out that incorporation backers also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and sway California officials.

Wirth feels as though this whole process has been very divisive. Right now, he just wants the community to heal and move forward.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Since taking over in 2010, he has working tirelessly to turn Squaw Valley resorts into one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

Besides being an astute businessman, Wirth is also a philanthropist. He is a major contributor to several organizations in the Lake Tahoe community.

Visual Search Leader Slyce Announces End Of The Year Finance Review

March 7th, 2016

Slyce, a tech company focused on advancing and utilizing visual search technology, recently revealed its end of the year finances for 2015. According to an article published on Yahoo! Finance Slyce made tremendous leaps in 2015. Earlier in the year Slyce announced its partnership with, a North American based company that also owns and Customers who shop on can now snap pictures of shoes, both 2D and 3D, and then be given exact or similar matches available for purchase. Within a few weeks of this integration Slyce announced that Neiman Marcus had expanded Slyce’s technology to all their products which greatly increased the use of ‘Snap.Find.Shop’, a mobile app created by NM and powered by Slyce which allows users to take pictures of 3D images and then receive matching or similar results from the NM line.

Within the year Slyce had managed to close four large deals which incorporated their technology with retailers both online and in store, but those conquests weren’t the only big steps the company took. In October they announced a new line of mobile visual search tech specs that went alongside their universal scanner for retailers. A month later they announced their long awaited platform “Slyce Link”, a visual product recommendation system that suggests products the user may be interested based on past purchases. They also tweaked their current technology like enhancing their 3D recognition technology and adding a management system for 2D images stored in their apps.

This impressive list of product and contract increases led to a 1784% revenue increase from the previous year. Slyce’s operating expenses also took a massive jump, but because of the increased product distribution its not surprising. Net loss for the end of the quarter dropped from $17,576,576 to $12,069,466. Its clear by the notable jump in revenue in such a short span that Slyce’s technology is being used more and more by consumers and retailers. The Toronto based company has remained a leader in visual search technology and has created a tight-knit relationship between the growing technology and retailers.