EOS Beats Chapstick With “We Can” Strategy

April 27th, 2017

When an underdog or start-up company first hits the market against giants and gurus, it’s normal for them to feel a bit overwhelmed. After all, long-standing giants seem as if they have the perfect strategy for success. Many startups wonder if they will make it those first two years, which usually shape the future of a company. They get even more fearful when they know they are selling a product that already exists on the market, and the market is saturated with it. EOS (evolutionofsmooth.ca) did something that not many startups do, however. The company competed against giants like Blistex and Chapstick without flinching or getting nervous. The cofounder simply focused on what the type of products that they wanted to offer the masses, and they built an empire off that.

It’s hard to believe that EOS only started its company back in 2007. The success that it has made over the short stint is nothing short of amazing. The company is now above giants like Chapstick and Blistex in sales and popularity. It has grabbed most of the female celebrity market and continues to flourish. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus love their EOS lip balm. The products that EOS offers are easily the most creative and thoughtful in the world of lip balm.

The reason that this company was able to pull off global success was innovation. EOS Target millenials and took an age-old household item that solved a problem and turned it into something spectacular that consumers could use to make a fashion statement. People love when they can add things like makeup items and electronics to their wardrobes and create fashion trends. Therefore, the EOS creator’s’ strategy worked perfectly. The business has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 10 years and intends to keep on going.


Don Ressler’s Phenomenally Successful Startup Investment Career

April 27th, 2017

Don Ressler has accomplished pretty a lot for his age. To this end, Ressler has had success in different startup ventures, especially in the fashion e-commerce sector. Some of the fashion businesses associated with Don includes JustFab Inc., FitnessHeaven.com, and Fabletics among others. Don Ressler is known for his ability to see business leads and venture into them, creating concrete partnership deals with some of the most brilliant business minds of this generation. Some of his notable business partners include Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson.

How it All Started

FitnessHeaven.com was the first in the line of Don Ressler’s successful startups. He developed the company up to a point when big companies started showing interest in purchasing it. In 2001, Intermix managed to purchase FitnessHeaven.com from Ressler. As fate would have it, Don met Adam Goldenberg, a teenage business genius who served as COO at Intermix and immediately forged a serious personal and business friendship. The two friends worked together to establish and operate Alena Media, e-commerce and advertising arm of Intermix. When Intermix was purchased by News Corp in 2005, Don and Adam opted to quit rather than to work with the new owners.

Intelligent Beauty

Parting ways with Intermix have so far proved to be the best decision Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg ever made. Advantaged to have the backing of most of the staff members at Alena Media, the duo started a brand building company and branded it as Intelligent Beauty. The most notable pioneer brands incubated by Intelligent Beauty are DERMSTORE and SENSA; the former deals with skincare and cosmetics while the latter deals with weight-loss services.


After Technology Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners had injected funds to the tune of $43 million and $33 million respectively into Intelligent Beauty, the company established JustFab in 2000. JustFab brought with it new e-commerce marketing strategies in the fashion industry, and within less than two years, it had over six million subscribed members at http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/. This notable milestone attracted funding from other companies such as Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty.

The Great Success in 2013

In 2013, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg led JustFab to yet another milestone; acquiring FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and FabShoes companies. With these three brands, JustFab was able to break into the European market, registering more than three million members in the continent. With these achievements, the company received another round of funding that totaled to over $125 million.


Fabletics started as a joint venture between Don Ressler and athlete Kate Hudson in 2013. Four years down the line, the company has managed to take the lead in the e-commerce fashion industry in America. The company specializes in activewear products and is valued at over $250 million.

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The Laughter of Youth

April 26th, 2017


There is no shortage of comedy anime when it comes to anime. Even the most serious of stories manage to sneak in a bit to instill a smile or chuckle. Often comedy is blended into the slice of life and school life genres. The following are 2 of such series that have become favorites among many.


Azumanga Daioh is an early comedy from 2002. It centers around a large cast of female high school girls and follows them on their day to day lives. The chemistry between the cast is the heart of the comedy. There is one classic scene featuring a school sports festival. The diminutive Chiyo Mihama is participating in a scavenger hunt. She is tasked to find someone or something stupid according to her paper slip. She then goes off to grab her friend Tomo Takino. When Tomo asks what Chiyo had to obtain, she rips up the piece of paper frantically.


The 2012 Daily Lives of High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) is another comedy, which as the title suggests, centers around boys. Episodes are split up into various situations. One recurring scenario features Hidenori Tabata musing on a riverbed. Yassan, a girl from another high school, becomes interested in him as he resembles a boy from her novel. During one encounter, a series of increasingly disastrous events from Yassan’s papers flying to slipping and uttering a horrible cry, Hidenori finds himself in a pinch as he accidentally headbutts her into unconsciousness.

Eric Pulier and His Mission

April 26th, 2017

For a continuous push forward to economic growth, a major factor has been the lack of technological advancement in poor regions around the world and the lack of motive to create technological advancement. Over the past several decades and even centuries within certain countries, technological advancement has not occurred in several countries, rather has been a game to catch up to what has already been produced. A major initiative is to promote innovation within developing countries which will be the catalyst to overall economic growth in the word. A driver behind this initiative is an individual known as Eric Pulier who is an expert with not only business, but also with technology. Eric Pulier believes that technology should no longer be excluded and should become a part of the competitive market to be open to all on not only the supply side, but should also be open to individuals on the demand side.


Eric Pulier is full of innovative ideas that are not only attributed to his 20 years of success within the world of business, but is also attributed to his natural talent to combine both innovation and helping others. Eric Pulier is the proud investor, owner, as well as co-owner of over 15 different companies that are dedicated to providing a product that helps others. Eric Pulier wants to make sure that even the poorest region in the world receives the benefits of his hard work. One of the initiatives that Eric Pulier is the most passionate about is the healthcare initiative.


With this money that Eric Pulier has made from his successful businesses, he helped others. One of his top priorities is helping children that have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has even built a platform that allows for children that are stuck in a hospital to communicate with each other. Eric Pulier has built this platform within 70 different hospitals that allows for children to have someone to talk to that is going through the same experience. As a father, Eric Pulier wants to make these children as happy and as comfortable as possible.




April 25th, 2017

Adam Milstein is the Managing Director at Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate company which he co-founded with his partner, David Hager. Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist.



In an interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein was asked about one habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. Contrary to what many would expect, he did not state that it was his smarts and neither did he delve into some complex mumbo jumbo as some entrepreneurs often do. Rather, he stated a simple formula that anyone could follow. He stated that what makes him more productive is consistency, persistency and follow-up. He then proceeded to break it down by stating that he never lets anything fall through the cracks. This is because he believes that, that which you deem unimportant and which you fail to give a hundred percent of your dedication to, could actually be an invaluable opportunity. Therefore, by letting it slip, you equally lose the great opportunity that would have come with it.



Equally, Adam Milstein says that whenever someone says no to you, as they often do, this should never prevent you from executing that plan which you always had in mind. While most people would take a no to mean that the action or idea cannot be implemented, Adam Milstein simply takes the no to mean that the actionor idea cannot be implemented by that person. It can be implemented by another person! Or if the other person equally says no, then, the action or idea can be implemented by him! After all he is the originator of the thoughts that birthed the idea.



As a testament to his resolve to see that things are implemented, he mentions in this interview, that he actually ends up getting most things done all by himself. This may be hard to believe given that he sits at the helm of his organization, as the Managing Partner. However, it only cements his attitude towards life and towards entrepreneurship – you cannot run away from action, no matter your position, as action is the precipitous to success.

Highland Capital Management’s Success In Developing Innovative Products

April 24th, 2017

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that manages hedge funds and structured investment funds. Together with its affiliates, the corporation has an asset base of $15.4 billion. Mark Okada and James Dondero are the brains behind Highland Capital Management. Notably, the company has maintained its leadership status in the provision of alternative credit management. The employees of the firm are experts in developing innovative credit strategies, including distressed and special-situation private equity, credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations. In addition, the company offers world-class alternative investments. The company has a huge client base, including funds of funds, endowments corporations, public pension plans, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals, foundations and government.

The headquarters of the corporation are based in Dallas, Texas. Owing to the growth of the company’s operations, Highland Capital Management has been able to open offices in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo and Seoul. By virtue of being in operation for over 20 years, the Highland Capital Management has been able to develop world-class products and services. In 1990, the company’s management entered into a partnership with protective Life Insurance Company. This partnership was based on fixed income markets, including the management of senior secured bank loans. In 1993, the company evolved into Protective Assets Management Company, a SEC-registered investment advisor. Protective life owned 60 percent of the shareholding while the founding partners were entitled to the remaining 40 percent. Over the years, Highland has played a pivotal role in structuring and monitoring more than 39 CLOs and CDOs. Notably, the company ranks as one of the largest managers of collateralized loan obligations (CLO) in the globe.

In 2002, Highland Capital Management launched their initial total return strategy, which zeroed in on distressed assets. In the same year, the corporation developed their first bank loan separate accounts for large public pension plans in the U.S. and Canada.

Presently, Highland has a diverse range of products for both its retail and institutional investors. The company has a growing team of 80 employees. Over the years, Highland has delivered innovative services that seek to augment the returns of their investors and protect their capital.





Career History of Cassio Audi

April 21st, 2017

When you think of Brazilian Investment Management, it is obvious the name of a successful investment manager Cassio Audi will come onboard. It is because of his numerous successes in the many companies that he has worked with them. Audi has been in the financial management business for over 23 years. Throughout his life, Cassio Audi has worked with various firms and institutions and has continuously gained experience in finance within the public and private companies, private equity funds, start-ups, global multi-billion dollar organizations, and turn-around cases.

Through his journey, Cassio Audi has proved the ability to streamline business operations to increase profitability and efficiency to drive growth. In addition to change management and productivity improvements, he has high qualifications in implementing and developing financial processes and controls. He possesses solid leadership, interpersonal and communication skills for rapport level with all management and staff.

He has worked as Chief Financial Officer in various companies like Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc, where he used to work for two years, Rossi Residencial for five years, GVMI for four years where he also held the managing director position and many more companies.

If you hire financial management personnel, there are chances that your business will take a new dimension in the way it grows. People like Cassio Audi, have the potential of making your business get to heights you did not know about it. There are numerous benefits of having like-minded people leading your staff. In one way of the other, you will be able to make financial progress and investment strategies that will bring your company to the leading spotlights.

Sujit Choudhry, the Professor of Constitutional Transitions

April 19th, 2017

Sujit Choudhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Moreover he is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, where he worked as Dean. Previously, he was the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University, and the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto.

Sujit Choudhry’s work addresses a comprehensive range of critical issues in comparative constitutional law and politics. Professor Choudhry has written nearly 90 reports, articles, working papers and book chapters.   Check this on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

In the past, Sujit Choudhry was a constitutional advisor to developing democracies. His work was to write new constitutions and amend the prevailing ones. However, he discovered that there was insufficient and outdated knowledge that hindered the effectiveness of constitutional advice. This is what prompted him to start his organization Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Sujit Choundry’s field is very involving with many constitutions getting grafted or adopted globally. As such, he begins his day by reading a wide array of online sources to stay updated. Afterwards, he checks his emails.

In his organization, according to crunchbase.com, Choudhry brings his ideas into life by incorporating real-life examples to ensure practicability in his work. This also includes collaborating with policy partners to pinpoint critical issues in different nations for which existing research is non-existent, out-of-date or inadequate.

Sujit Choudhry is fascinated that it is easier to find constitutional information on the online platform in the modern day.

He stays productive by being a thought leader, a fet that ensures he’s always ahead in his field.

Choudhry worst career was when he was a full-time academic administrator. He learnt from that job that it is not easy to please all individuals at all times. If he was to start again, he says that he would go globally instead of just focusing on Canada alone.

Sujit recommends leaders to talk with people on the ground as they are very resourceful. He has grown his company by being entrepreneurial, responsive, opportunistic and cost effective. In case, things do not work out, he recommends one to recreate their proposal and keep trying.

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Sujit uses Fullcontact as he believes it’s the best way to manage contacts. Also he recommends leaders to read Cass Sunstein’s “Wiser: Getting Beyond Groupthink to Make Groups Smarter.”  For a whole view of Choudhry’s bio, click on en.wikipedia.org.

Click https://ideamensch.com/sujit-choudhry/

Industry’s Leading Hair Care Product Exceeds Their Competitors

April 17th, 2017

Many women are using Wen by Chaz because of its unique contents that provide all natural ingredients that nourish your hair from root to tip. Imagine washing and conditioning your hair with the industry’s top ingredients that includes essential vitamins and amino acids that transforms dull dry hair.

A lot of women are experiencing breakage due to excess oil and a dirt buildup while Wen by Chaz products work actively to remove these hair growth prohibitory factors. Repair your hair from the harsh effects of the seasonable elements, dyes, perms, and other harsh chemicals. Wen by Chaz wouldn’t threaten to strip your hair of its natural luster.

Why Women Are Switching To Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz offers eleven amino acids while being perfectly infused with vitamin C and E. These natural compounds have been used for centuries to promote healthy stronger hair. Some women have admitted to noticing an increase in length from their cleansing conditioner products. They guarantee that their products will give your hair a softer healthier appearance in under a week. Wen by Chaz also protects your hair from heat and the effects of high temperature styling tools. You’ll never want to go back to your original hair care regimen when you experience the effects of Wen by Chaz.

Wen By Chaz Products

– Styling products
– Styling tools
– 5 day hair care 11system
– All-in-one hair care products
– Deep cleansing conditioner
– Aromatherapy products
and more…

You can get many wonderful fragrances that include Mandarin Italian and Almond Milk Mint to heighten all your unique senses. You can learn more about Wen by Chaz through their exclusive website or you can visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers to choose from your favorite brands today. Get beautiful hair with organic treatments with Wen by Chaz.

How Equity First Holdings Provides Affordable Financial Solutions

April 13th, 2017

Equity First Holding is a globally renowned company that specializes in the provision of financial solutions to its clients. Their method of loan disbursement has enabled people to achieve their business and financial goals. Equities First Holdings provides financial services to individuals, either for commercial or noncommercial purposes. The lending procedure is usually based on securities.The company has branches in numerous states and countries all over the world including England, Hong Kong, United States, Bangkok and Sydney. The corporation’s headquarters are in Indianapolis, which is located in Indiana.

The firm has been operating for 14 years, and its total assets are now worth more than $40million.The company also provides financial services to high net worth individuals. The firm has managed to come up with products for these individuals that fit their needs. The company is committed to offering attractive terms through a technique that is secure and well evaluated. Since it was started, the company has finalized more than 625 transactions. The way the organization operates ensures that the clients get to achieve their financial goals with better terms as compared to other institutions of lending.

The firm first started its operations at its head office in Indianapolis. After growing for some time, it began launching its satellite offices in different parts of the world. Currently, Equities First Holdings is categorized as one of the most successful institutions in the world that provide lending services. It has managed to work with thousands of startup businesses and assisted them to achieve their financial goals using the stock as collateral.Most of the lending institutions often require a person to prove ownership of physical assets for them to secure a loan. This works against most startups because a majority of them do not have the property. But in Equities First Holdings, their needs are adequately catered for, and this has made the company’s growth and development improve.