Spreading the Word Regarding Autism Rocks

February 12th, 2016

Most people have heard of autism and most have some idea as to what it is, but for the most part, this knowledge is rather limited at best. In order to fight the condition and to bring more money into research, it is necessary for other individuals to have a full comprehension of what it is, what to does to the body and also what someone who suffers from autism is able to do and not able to do. There are different research projects out there studying autism, but it is a very expensive condition to study. That is because despite knowing how it affects the body, nobody actually knows where it comes from or how it forms. There are come theories, but there is nothing concrete in fact, which makes it difficult for anyone to know how to prevent the condition from developing.

Sanjay Shah is one individual who has made it his mission to do whatever he can in order to assist with the situation. His son suffers from autism. Shah found that when his son received the diagnosis, he really did not know what went into autism, what to expect or what exactly would happen with his family and his child. Thankfully for him, he was in the financial position to care for his son and to do everything in his power to give him the right education and to make sure he received everything necessary. However, there are plenty of families and children out there who simply do not have this kind of opportunity. This is why he started the Autism Rocks campaign.

The Autism Rocks campaign is designed to put on special invite only concerts around the world. Some of the biggest musicians in the world have done everything in their power in order to assist with putting on the show for free. This way, all of the money can go to the foundation. With the foundation, they are able to sponsor children from all around the world in order to help make sure they are able to receive the education and assistance they need.

Brazilian Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Is Taking A Firm Position On Carbon Dioxide Emissions

February 10th, 2016
BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães is known as the football banker in Brazil. BMG Bank sponsors several football clubs. BMG Bank is considered the best bank in Brazil to get a low-interest payroll loan. Ricardo Guimarães comes from a family of bankers. His grandfather, Antonio, started the Land Credit Bank in 1930, and his son Flavio, and grandson Ricardo, followed in his footsteps. Antonio was also in the mining business, so Ricardo is very familiar with impact that CO2 emissions have on the planet.

At a recent conference in Paris, Ricardo Guimarães told the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that Brazil was working hard to cut CO2 emissions. Guimarães also said that the United States and the UK must do more to stop CO2 emissions around the world. The U.S. has been one of the main violators of CO2 emissions and so has India and China, according to Mr. Guimarães.

There were many speakers at the Paris conference, and most of them agreed that CO2 emissions are contributing to the increase in the earth’s temperature. Scientists at the conference said if the current rate of CO2 emissions continue, the earth temperature will increase by 2 degrees, and that will be enough to create extensive flooding around the planet. The scientists also said if the planet’s temperature keeps increasing at the current rate it will be hard to stop it from hitting a disaster mode.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development wants to inforce emission standards around the globe. Violators will be taxed if they don’t reduce their CO2 emissions. Guimarães said developed countries like the UK and the United States should be the first developed countries to drastically cut their CO2 emissions since those two countries have been releasing excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere for decades.

A study by the British University of East Anglia, and the Global Carbon Project did show that CO2 emissions in 2015 dropped by almost 1 percent. But in order to meet the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent in 2020 more has to be done by all the countries that attended the meeting.

Mr. Guimarães said Brazil was trying to adopt a “green” imitative by using more wind and solar power and by starting a reforestation project in and around cities like Sao Paulo. Brazil is also undertaking a major reintroduction of native species in areas were companies have destroyed the natural beauty for financial gain. Guimarães thinks Brazil will be one of the leaders in cutting CO2 emissions in the next couple of years because the country is changing its viewpoint on global warming. Global warming is a natural phenomenon, but it is also the result of human carelessness.

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Darius Fisher’s Reputation Management Business is Thriving

February 9th, 2016

Status Labs, a premier online reputation management firm, currently serves over 1,500 clients in more than countries. Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs is in Austin, Texas. Since launching four years ago, Darius fisher has expanded and opened his offices in São Paulo, and most recently, New York. He helps clients polish up their search results and enables them to grow sales via effective digital marketing and PR strategy. Last year Fisher came up with the brilliant idea to offer free crisis counseling to those who suffered in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hacking.

Prior to Status Labs, Darius Fisher began his career as a political consultant and copywriter. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with high honors. Darius Fisher was named on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. The Innovation 50 list is an annual hall of fame for people who have displayed great innovation in the world of digital marketing.

Fisher says to remove a client’s negative information on Google search results takes a lot of hard work and planning. This can be done by creating and promoting new content and feeding Google’s search engine with fresh, relevant content relating to the individual. Examples of content include personal websites, social media profiles, press releases, dynamic video content, guest articles and op-ed opportunities on relevant industry websites.

Fisher points out the many high-level executives are not aware of the attacks and bad press on Google search results and before they know they reputation is already damaged. He further states that every company should audit and monitor their web presence and prepare for the worst. By being proactive can mitigate the impact of a negative and unflattering press.

Fisher strongly urges never to post anything that you’re not 100% comfortable sharing on social media or even tweeting personal information on your whereabouts. Lastly, Fisher advises that changing passwords on social media must be done at least four times a year and use a different password for each login and never to use a password that can be easily guessed. A pen, a piece of paper and a drawer are all you need to safeguard your passwords, because you never know your computer could crash or get hacked.

Healthier Pet Foods Are Delighting Pet Owners

February 9th, 2016

Families that are into health and wellness can now include their pets in on the game. Pet food manufacturers are dishing up healthy, nutrition dense and gourmet recipe styled selections that are sure to whet the taste buds of your furry family member. This new eat-like-your-owner strategy seems to working, pumping even more money into this $23.7 billion dollar industry. A wise choice for any pet food manufacturer would be to follow the global trend of healthier food for a more vibrant lifestyle, even for pets. Catering to special needs pets is another growing sector. Purina markets a Bright Minds dog food for older dogs. They use an enhanced botanical oil which is easier for older dogs to metabolize has shown to result in increased alertness and mental sharpness in thirty days.

Beneful offers complete lines of dog food specially formulated to follow your dog through all the stages of their life. Their Healthy Puppy is calcium rich to aid growing bones and also contains DHA which has been proven to support healthy brain and vision development. As your dog enters adulthood, Beneful‘s Playful Life dry dog food is formulated with enough calories and nutrition rich foods such as beef, eggs and vegetables to keep your dog supplied with energy throughout the day. When pets grow older, weight gain is often a concern. This is where switching to the Beneful Healthy Weight kibble, a calorie smart yet one hundred percent nutritionally rich food helps maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing flavor.

Beneful remains one pet food manufacturer that meets or exceeds every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement and continuously tests their products for over 150 toxic substances. They offer a twenty-four hour, seven day a week chat line to support pet owners who are looking to serve the highest quality wet and dry food available to their pets. The health and well-being of dogs has always been the driving force behind Beneful’s product line, and the company is poised to continue serving consumers who are looking for healthier options in pet food.



Apple’s Strategy for 2016 as Reported by Marcio Alaor

February 2nd, 2016

Brazilian banker Marcio Alaor, who is the executive vice president of BMG bank, has analyzed Apple’s plan for 2016. According to him, the company will continue with its innovation considering the fact that it has made two recent acquisitions. Apple is one of the largest firms in the technology industry across the world, and has been working tirelessly in order to bring innovation to its products. Firstly, Apple acquired a startup, Emotient, a firm which had raised about $8 million from a team of investors and had positive growth in the technology industry.
Indeed, it is common for Apple to develop interests in facial recognition application because in 20114, as Marcio Alaor recalls, it had acquired a patent right that was capable of indentifying and analyzing the moods of people through facial expression at strategic points. He stressed that one cannot be sure if the acquisition of Emotient will result in development of new products and be launched by Apple this year. The company is still focusing on attaching latest technology to their devices. The second acquisition Apple made was for innovative patents that would provide features of “self repairs” for its tablets and smartphones. As explained by Marcio Alaor, the objective of this feature is to allow devices fix minor technical problems and glitches automatically.
Marcio Alaor of BMG said technology experts have noted that the “self repair” feature will function in two ways. In the first instance, if water has entered in the device, its internal mechanism will act automatically and expel the water before damaging the device. In the second case, the device can be used when the tablet or smartphone are on standby mode. During that time, the appliance will try to make continuous internal repairs that will improve its performance. Marcio Alaor says that the facial recognition software, and the “self repair’ feature are projects that are underway, and so far Apple has not set the date for releasing, together with new brand devices.
In fact, it is a great potential the company has in trying to be ahead of other competitors in the technology market. This is evident that in 2016, Apple will make a number of surprises that will find many unaware, explains Marcio Alaor. Today, technology is shaping almost everything, and that is why Apple is trying to invest in new technologies that are considered to be the best in the market. For instance, the Force Touch technology, that led to the introduction of iPhone 6S makes it possible to access a variety of functions and commands of the smartphone depending on the frequency of using the touch on the appliance. Additional information about Marcio Alaor of BMG bank and Apple’s plan is found on marcioalaorbmg.com.

Hedge Fund Manager Speaks His Thoughts About Donald Trump

January 30th, 2016

Americans across the political spectrum will be facing a new election for the highest office in the land in the coming year. President Obama cannot run for a third term by law so Americans will get the opportunity to choose his replacement in November. In this instance, the Republican party and the Democratic party know that both parties have captured the attention of the American public and can hopefully present the public with a candidate who is right for their needs. While the Democratic race has largely been confined to the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Republican race is considered more open to possible contenders.

One such contender for the Republican nomination is famous businessman Donald Trump. Trump has long been visible to many Americans via his career as a real estate developer and his work on television. Many people in the United States are familiar with his stance as a businessman but many were also startled to see Trump take a run for the presidency. His campaign has attracted both a great of criticism and a great deal of praise. Some people see him shaking up the political system. Others have been less than pleased at some of his statements on various issues including issues of foreign policy.

Someone who has been highly critical of some of Trump’s proposals is fellow billionaire George Soros. Soros is not as visible to Americans as Trump. However, he is quite respected in much of the world where he has been a familiar face. George Soros grew up in Hungary and then immigrated to the United States. His skillful investing has earned him a fortune and the respect of many. In a recent interview for Bloomberg television, Soros choose to speak out about some of Trump’s statements on the issue of possible Muslim migration to the United States from war torn places such as Syria.

While Trump has proposed either reducing the numbers of migrants drastically or even getting rid of all such possible migration altogether,Forbes Billionaire George Soros finds this opinion unhelpful in the present situation. He points out that many Muslims may see Trump’s remarks as insulting and may decide that the United States is not with them. This may cause many to decide that perhaps it is better to join a radical Islamic organization such as ISIS. In his view, this would be a very bad thing for the region as it would lead to yet more destabilization and a growing religious extremism there. He thinks that Trump should do more to consider the real implications of his words and temper his words on this situation in the future. Soros hopes that Trump will take his advice as he intends.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Fights Back the Worst Flooding in Years

January 29th, 2016
Before 2015 Zika virus had only been active in Africa and a few countries in Asia. Now the Zika virus i is starting to spread throughout Central and South America. the Brazilian State Health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes is at the epicenter of the outbreak. The torrential downpours brought by the weather phenomenon as El Niño have caused severe flooding in the Xerém, Duque de Caxias region and beyond. According to
Extra.Globo Health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes and his teams have constructed seven (7) shelters in the area with the purpose of gathering samples for early detection. Each emergency shelter shall come with total chairs for dengue hydration restoration treatment. Dr. Cortes ensures that each of the seven emergency shelters will be a little to 300 people daily.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and his team will also be touring the flooded commence an all-out effort to help eradicate the contaminated waters that lie stagnant. Sec. Cortes informs us that this seems will also be training local residents in the shelters so they can help to go out and decontaminate other waters that they frequent through local knowledge. Dengue, hepatitis A and yellow fever are just some of the many pathogens that lie in wait in these contaminated floodwaters. One of the problems is the environment Brazil is conducive to help viruses like the Zika virus to spread rapidly. The reason is that these jungle areas are perfect for the proliferation of massive mosquito colonies. Dr. Cortes believes it taken active role in controlling the population of mosquitoes will be one of the most potent tools that the Government has to try and slow this ongoing health crisis.

In a meeting with municipal health Sec. Carmillo Junqueira one of the coordinators of the National Health Force Conception de Medonca, agreements were reached to dispense 3000 more antibiotics as of early intervention against leptospirosis. Things really started to escalate in the region and the Brazilian Department of Health has just dispense 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to be used for decontamination of free standing waters. Dr. Cortes also has this to only drink bottle water and to use only bottled water for the preparation of foods in a completely kitchen area, utensils and plates.by using personnel to train and work with the local residents Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the transition to using well water can be a smooth one.

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2015 Was a Great Year

January 22nd, 2016

According to Status Labs President Darius Fisher, 2015 shaped up to be one of the best years in the companies 3 year history. Since the company’s inception in 2012, overall revenue was up 939 percent by the end of the year.

The company believes their growth is a direct result of three key components. Their digital strategy offerings that are both innovative and dynamic, their team of digital natives and a relentless focus on client acquisition and client retention.

In 2015 Status Labs was able to sign a total of 160 new clients. Fisher believes the growth and success the company experienced would not have been possible without the talented team he has assembled around him.

In the last year alone Status Labs has increased their workforce by 12 percent in an effort to keep up with the increasing demand for online reputation management services. Throughout the first quarter of 2016 Fisher expects to continue growing his workforce in the cities of Austin and New York.

What is Status Labs

Status Labs is considered a premier public relations, digital marketing and online reputation management firm. They help clients engage with their audience through the power of compelling content. The content is created in a way that it increases audience participation and ultimately drives sales.

The number one goal of Status Labs is to help every client look their absolute best in the search results.

With offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo, Status Labs is able to help clients from all over the world. Currently they have served over 1,500 clients in over 35 different countries. They have also helped a host of public figures including top athletes, CEO’s and politicians.

Status Labs has been featured in several major publications including The Observer, Daily Beast, The New York Times and Yahoo! just to name a few.

Whether your goal is to manage your online reputation, develop a strategic public relations campaign or advertise on social media, the team and Status Labs can help.

As Darius Fisher put it, “Status Labs is unique in that we can solve any digital communications problem brought forth to us.

Sergio Cortes And His Expert Advice

January 22nd, 2016
Sergiocortesoficial is a great website to go to in order to find information about Sergio Cortes. Sergio Cortes is a very well known doctor from Brazil. He is a very respected hip surgeon. Cortes has been in the medical industry for many years now, and that is why he has written so many articles. Cortes has done much research on the human body and the progression of disease. Cortes is an individual that has made many contributions to public health, and he teaches individuals how to care for their bodies.

Since he is an orthopedist, Cortes gives expert advice about how to care for bones and the back. Cortes emphasizes the importance of doing physical movements in order to give strength to the spine and the joints. Doctor Cortes believes that it is important to exercise regularly, and he encourages his patients to do exercises like Pilates in order to improve the movement of their body. Cortes also encourages his patients to do Yoga. Yoga is much like Pilates in the way that it elongates muscles, and both Yoga and Pilates are easy on the joints and bones. It is best to get the aid of an expert in Pilates or Yoga before beginning an exercise regimen.

Another Exercise that Cortes promotes is swimming. Swimming is an exercise that is virtually no impact; at the same time swimming gives the body a great work out. Swimming is great, in particular, for those individuals that have suffered from back injuries. Swimming helps to promote a healthy posture, and swimming is great for a person’s lungs. By swimming regularly, a person can improve their breathing capacity, their circulation, and their mental state.

Doctor Cortes is very well known because of all of the contributions that he has made to the Brazilian Health department. Cortes served as the Executive Officer in the the Health Department of Brazil for many years as well. Cortes has even been recognized by the World Health Organization because of the helpful contributions that he has made to the citizens of Brazil. At the present moment Doctor Cortes serves as the health secretary of Brazil. Cortes was able to get this prestigious promotion because of his commitment to health, and his dedication to his work. Doctor Cortes can be contacted through LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Difference At The Manse On The Marsh

January 21st, 2016

Assisted living is designed to aid those who need moderate levels of aid with their daily asks. One of their main objectives is to aid residents in retaining as much freedom and autonomy as possible. These facilities are typically staffed by trained nurses and nurses aids and doctors. Other employees can include cooks, dietary aids, janitors and housekeepers.

Finding the right assisted living facility an be difficult which is why reviews are so absolutely vital. It is a matter of matching not only where the family member is presently, but also wants to reside. One will also need to find a facility that will help them to remain active and mobile, as well as having the level of care that they need.

The Manse on the Marsh offers a variety of options when dealing with the care of your family member. The trained staff will conduct an initial interview to determine the level and amount of care that they will need. This interview an also aid to determine the individuals’ tastes and preferences that can indicate food desires and needs, entertainment as well as activities that they may benefit from.

Once the resident determines the type of living arrangement that will work for them, they will be assigned a living quarter. These can vary from shared apartments, efficiencies, to whole cottages. These are all located on the campus of the facility so that when help is needed the resident will not have to wait.

The campus also offers many opportunities to socialize. The great room has a fireplace and plenty of seating to simply enjoy the setting, or to sit and visit with others. An outdoor patio area is equipped with a bistro that can serve meals and snacks throughout the day. It also offers the ideal place to take in some sun and relax.

Inside the Manse on the Marsh, the blog shows that the residents will find two fine dining restaurants for their pleasure. There is also the main dining room if that is what one desires. After dinner, there is a theater that shows a wide variety of movies.

The Manse on the Marsh is located in very close proximity to downtown San Luis Obispo. They have a number of opportunities to take in a show, window shop, go to a theater or museum and even just take a comfortable stroll. There are many different hops and stores where almost anything one desires can be had.

The facility also offers a number of different opportunities throughout the year to go on small trips. These can be to historic sites, dude ranches, and even to a zoo. Residents have so many opportunities to live a full and happy retirement to the Manse on the Marsh. One will almost not realize that they are in an assisted living facility at all.  Testimonials show that the residents are definitely enjoying life here.